What Everybody Ought to Know about Guava?


It’s very rare that you can’t see a guava tree in the Philippines. In fact is one of the fruits in the country that you can eat anytime, anywhere because it’s not messy unlike other crops that so juicy. But if you think it’s just a fruit that was your favorite thing to throw to your playmates, think again.  Guava also offers benefits that surely essential for your health.

Apart from that you can get it almost free; guava is also better than expensive orange and lemon.  Do you know that a guava is ten times better than lemon’s vitamin A and four times richer than an orange’s vitamin C? It also has vitamin E, K, B complex that’s nutritious to your brain, Potassium, and more.  If you’re not convince yet to start eating  or planting a guava plant, here are some of the other wonders of guava that will entice you do it.

Guava’s leaf is anti deadly diseases such as diabetes, cancer and asthma.  According to Officially Diabetic,   Japan and East Asia area using guava leaf extract to treat diabetes especially it has anti-hyperglycemic or anti-diabetic effects. The OD’s also shared that guava leaf extract is good answer to asthma and allergy since it blocks development of mucus and bacteria in the throat.

If you are diabetic or have diabetic relatives Top Ten Home Remedies suggests to drink guava leaf tea, which is good to neutralize your sugar level, and munch one to two guavas.

On the other hand,   Top Ten explained that the anti-cancer elements of guava are quercetin, polyphenols and lycopene.  With these elements people can prevent having prostate, skin, breast, mouth, stomach, lung, and colon cancer.

“Pink Guava fruit has doubled amount of lycopene (5204 µg of lycopene) than tomatoes which is known to be an anti-cancer agent and avoids total skin damage from UV rays,” Officially Diabetic reported.

Guava is for beauty and fitness conscious – Guava helps to beautify your skin with its vitamin E content. Meantime, potassium element of this fruit is perfect for athletes or to those working out in the gym.

“You can benefit from it either by eating the fruits (this help tighten your muscles apart from your skin) or by washing your skin with the decoction of its immature fruits and leaves. It will tone up and tighten the loosened skin. In addition to the astringents, guava is very-very rich in vitamin-A, B, C and potassium which are very good anti oxidants and detoxifiers and keep your skin glowing and free from aging, wrinkles and other disorders,” naturalfoodbenefit.com imparted.

The said site also shared that eating this healthy fruit also help to lose weight since it easily bellifying, but be sure to regulate your intake or have at least an average size during lunch. On the other hand, it is also a help for those wanting to gain weight with it nourishing effect.

Guava is pregnant women’s best friend – There are also studies that prove that guavas are super source of folate.  FitDay.com shared folate plays huge part to create DNA and RNA,  prevent neutral tube defects and “control plasma homocysteine levels.”

Guavas are also beneficial for those suffering from diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, cough and cold, scurvy, and oral health problems.

“Herbalists recommend the use of tender leaves of guava (in paste form) to maintain oral hygiene. The leaves have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial properties that help reduce gum inflammation and leave your breath fresh and clean,” Top Ten Home Remedies shared.  “Plus, you can use guava leaves to cure toothaches, swollen gums and oral ulcers. You can also use the twigs of guava trees like a toothbrush or as a chewing stick for cleaning your teeth.