Does Coffee, Tea, Wine, and Soda Damage Your Teeth?

Coffee, Tea, Wine, and Soda

Are you in the habit of waking up to a hot cup of tea or coffee? Or, have you been drinking wine a lot lately? Or, can you stop the temptation of soda? If ‘yes’ is your answer to any of these questions, you’re then in some trouble. Not you but your dental health, because all these four items are bad for your teeth and gums. Consuming any of them in excess can harm your dental health beyond repair in extreme cases.  These drinks or beverages contain sugar and they are acidic as well, and both these things are bad for dental health. So, if you want to keep your teeth from damage, either avoid them altogether or minimize their frequency or intake.

Let’s look how tea, coffee, wine and soda can affect or damage your teeth –

Here are the tasty culprits I learned to watch out for:

  1. Soda

Acid in any form is bad for your teeth. The more you consume them, the greater will be damage to your dental health. Soda is a carbonated drink that is laced with acid in high quantity which can damage the tooth enamel gradually. Worse still, if the acidic contents of soda do weaken the protective enamel, the sugar in it combines with the acid to cerate even a more harmful acid responsible for causing tooth erosion. The first priority should be to minimize the intake and if you can’t, you should at least drink with a straw. This will save the tooth and you can maintain the beauty of your smile.   

Coffee, Tea, Wine, Soda

  1. Coffee

If coffee is your favourite beverage and you drink it all day long, you should then start worrying about the habit. Because, it’s an acidic drink with potential of causing enamel erosion. So, make sure you buy a coffee with low acidic level to keep the dental risks to minimum possible level. Secondly, it’s always better to reduce the intake so that the harms to the teeth can be minimized. You can also try sipping the coffee with a straw so that the acidic content does not come in contact with your teeth and damage is avoided.  You can also rinse your mouth after 10 minutes to prevent the acid and sugar to stay there and cause damage.

  1. Tea

The habit of tea is as much harmful as of coffee. Because, both are acidic drink with potential to affect the tooth enamel. The presence of sugar and citric acid is your favourite beverage can lead to teeth erosion. But yes, tea is not as harmful as carbonated drinks and with little precaution, you can further bring down its harmful effects to your teeth. And dental health is a concern for you, it’s better to switch to a tea bag and hot water way rather than using sugar, cream or lemon juice to the tea and making it even more harmful. So, be careful with your tea intake and maintain dental health.     

  1. Wine

Wine is not good for your teeth. No matter how good a wine is, it will still be acidic, and acid is never good for your teeth. So, your focus should be cutting down the intake and if that is not possible, it’s always better to first check the acidity level of the drink before drinking it. More so, the low pH level of win can also lead to enamel erosion and we must understand that well. You should consult the dentist about teeth braces price, and also to know how to keep the teeth healthy and strong by minimizing the harms that acidic drinks may cause.