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cancer cure

The Quest to Invest for Cancer Cure

Cancer is one of the world’s most urgent unmet medical needs, with a massive impact both on society and on the lives of individuals.  In...

Motivation & Positivity

Kylie Verzosa’s Mental Health Matters rallied mental health advocates and concerned citizens to support “Recognize, Get Help, Thrive!,” a campaign to reduce, if not eliminate, social stigma and increase awareness on clinical depression. The forum was held on March 30,...

Stress Busters + Sleep

How to Avoid Injury with Improved Sleep

Improved Sleep
You may be ready to focus on your health, but without adequate sleep, you could be headed towards injury. Injury prevention often includes a efforts to balance muscles groups, increase flexibility, and strength ligaments, but sleep has far more impact on injury prevention than...

Who's Who

In battling cancer, there is a secret hero that patients seldom see but plays a crucial role in their survival: the pathologist. “Diagnosis is our major “hero” work. We select the right patient for the right treatment to improve the...


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Youthful Skin

Esthemedica Smart Skincare Solutions for Bright and Youthful Skin

Establishing distributorship in 8 countries in Asia Pacific, namely Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Vietnam and China, and generating USD 5 million...
Surviving Infidelity

The I Word: 6 Tips for Surviving Infidelity in Your Relationship

Infidelity is a big deal, and it can happen to any couple. If you want to rebuild your relationship, try these tips for surviving...

Easy Beginners Workout for Women