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Devant launches Quantum Ultra HD TV

Buying a new TV set these days can be so daunting with all the newest features, smart functions, and terrific picture quality they offer plus...

Motivation & Positivity

MJ Gonzales │ Music lovers listen up check this out! Your personality can be identified by your song preferences and there are ideas about this that may surprise you.  In a research, it was found out that heavy metal...

Stress Busters + Sleep

How to Avoid Injury with Improved Sleep

Improved Sleep
You may be ready to focus on your health, but without adequate sleep, you could be headed towards injury. Injury prevention often includes a efforts to balance muscles groups, increase flexibility, and strength ligaments, but sleep has far more impact on injury prevention than...

Who's Who

In battling cancer, there is a secret hero that patients seldom see but plays a crucial role in their survival: the pathologist. “Diagnosis is our major “hero” work. We select the right patient for the right treatment to improve the...


Fitness & Wellness

Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux syndrome—The product of modern Hi-Tech lifestyle

Acid Reflux is a lifestyle disorder. In modern, urban, stressful, lifestyle, people often found themselves caught in a way of life which is absolutely...
ob gyn Obgyn Doctors

How Obgyn Doctors Can Help Women during Pregnancy?

If you are not familiar with the concept of the ob/gyn section of the medical facilities, then it is high time that you gather...

Easy Beginners Workout for Women