6 Common Reasons Why Your Stomach Hurts

stomach pain

The Art of Healthy Living is not an easy thing to maintain all throughout our lives as there are many things that must be followed to live a healthy life. All our health problems are somehow related to what we eat or rather to our stomach or digestive tract.

When we suffer from acute or chronic stomach pain, we keep wondering about the reasons behind it.

The most common logic behind the stomach pain, which is guessed by a majority of people, is due to indigestion or acidity.

But there can be many other reasons why your stomach hurts

The 6 most common reasons for stomach pain are mentioned below:

  1. IBS or irritable bowel syndrome– the symptoms of IBS include abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation and other disorders in the bowel movement.

It causes belly discomfort and troubles the sufferers with a sharp pain in the intestinal part.

It affects the overall healthy eating habits of the diseased person as he faces eating disorders also.

  1. Pancreatitis– it is the inflammation of our pancreas. It triggers pain in the middle and upper abdomen.

The sharp pain can even migrate to the back of some people with chronic syndromes of the disease.

  1. Gall bladder stones- the tiny stones that are formed in our gallbladder are called gallstones. These stones are responsible for pain in the right side of our upper abdomen. They cause swelling and tend to block the passage of foods to the intestine.
  1. Parasites- this is a very common cause of pain in the stomach and the most ignored reason in people’s eyes.

Nobody tends to think that the reason for a hurtful stomach can be due to the parasites present in the abdomen.

The forms of giardia or other protozoan parasites can enter our stomach through contaminated food or water and can cause severe stomach pain that leads to further illness like diarrhea, if not treated on time.

  1. Appendicitis- this is a very common cause of stomach pain other than constipation and indigestion problems.

The inflammation of appendix causes a sharp pain in the lower part of the abdomen in the right side, which originates from the mid-abdomen.

The pain increases with time and leads to severe health conditions if the appendix is not removed on time.

  1. Diverticulitis- this is the inflammation of pockets-like ‘diverticula’ which is present in the lining of our large intestine.

Though the nominal symptoms include abdominal cramps or a painful stomach, a chronic disease may cause bleeding, abscesses or perforations that will only worsen the pain and affect the sufferer in a more dreadful way.

The Final Take

Although the pain in any of our body parts hurt us equally as compared to the stomach pain, the sufferers of this particular pain deal with greater discomfort and anguish as the whole bodily functions are affected by it.

Our intestine is fully responsible for how healthy we can be. The art of healthy living does not only include doing exercises and being fit, it depends majorly on what we eat and how well that food is utilized by our body.

When we eat well, it surely shows through our overall health.  A hurting stomach can cause several other health hazards if not treated properly on time.