How Your Mattress Affects Your Health


We see people suffering from so many health issues these days, and some are such that we just don’t understand how this could happen?

Sleeping problems are one such health issue we fail to understand the reason behind. Sometimes it’s right in front of our eyes, and sometimes we don’t know.

Most doctors say that more than 50% of sleep problems like deprivation and insomnia arise from having the wrong kind of mattress.

Mattresses are highly important as they have a major effect on our back. Earlier, people used to sleep on the floor, and they had no issues regarding their backs.

Since we have mattresses now, we should know which one is actually comfortable and right rather than just purchasing any kind.

How to choose?

Usually, when you go for mattress shopping, they provide you with a dimension guide that has mattress dimensions in inches. This dimension guide is relative to the size of the room and your requirements.

For instance, for a 10 by 12 feet room being used by a couple, a California king size bed is considered to be the most suitable one.

The California king bed dimensions size in inches are 72 by 84 inches; this gives extra legroom for people who prefer sleeping with extra space around them. For people who are tall and have faced problems with a smaller bed, this is perfect for them.

Not having proper legroom is also bad because then you try to adjust yourself in that small space and end up sleeping with a crunched spine which isn’t good at all. Most spinal problems come up here.

You have to see your sleeping pattern; some people move a lot during the night without realizing. Give your body what it needs otherwise back problems will be on their way.

Similarly, king size bed is fit for average height people while a queen size bed is fit for a growing teenager or a couple that has less than average height.

There is something present for each and every body type. Likewise, double beds are smaller than king and queen beds and are good for growing kids.

For every situation a mattress is present, need more space in the room and have a kid with a height more than average, go for a twin XL bed.

There are many other sizes that have been the standard because of ergonomics, and there is a reason they are the standard requirement in particular situations because they don’t raise problems that way.

If you put a single bed for a 6 feet person, he is bound to have spinal problems.

There are best fits that have been recommended by doctors like king size bed for adults and the twin bed for average size younger kids.

These are recommended because of medical reasons and not just size wise.

Think and buy

Buying a mattress isn’t easy, but things like this to help us. Whenever you go shopping next time, know the right size as per your body type and the right thickness as well.

A thicker mattress that is soft isn’t good for your back. See the material used and see how your back sets on it.

Each and every aspect of the mattress is important to make sure you won’t be facing back issues in the future.