What is Cherry Angioma and How to Remove It?


Have you noticed a cherry red mole that suddenly appeared in your skin? Without knowing what it is, did you tried to touch it and check if it hurts, or if it does something weird and found out that it doesn’t? If you have this kind of red spot, chances are you might have a skin growth called Cherry Angioma.  

Cherry Angioma is a skin condition that is most common with people ages 30 years old and above and can possibly increase in number and size as that person grows older. Also known as Campbell de Morgan, Cherry Hemangioma, Senile/Capillary Angioma or simply Red Moles, the exact reason why Cherry Angioma suddenly appears in the skin is not clear. Some say it is cause by exposure to a specific chemical, due to pregnancy, vitamin deficiency, climate, but more often, it is because of a broken blood vessel, giving it that blood red color. Some experts also say that the condition is connected with the person’s genetic make-up which means that it could be hereditary.

Though the reason why you have it is not clear, the good news is, these red moles are generally harmless. They basically do not post any health risk or a symptom for any type of severe condition. However, it is still best to have your Cherry Angioma checked if you notice severe changes with the spot or if it starts to hurt; you might be looking at something totally different.

Not unless you have it removed, these red moles do not simply disappear. Luckily for those people who feel uncomfortable having them or for those who need it remove because of their careers, lifestyle or due to bleeding or irritations do have different kinds of Cherry Angioma Removal in Bristol options to choose from.   

For some people who are just looking for a quick fix, applying make-up or concealer to the mole can help to temporarily hide it. You can look for the color that matches your skin tone and simply apply it to your skin. But doing this regularly is not advisable since some make-up or chemical ingredients can cause irritation if applied frequently. This might also not work for some areas of the skin where the concealer can get easily erased or removed.  

For people who prefer a more natural remedy, using readily available ingredients is possible. Consuming more Iodine due to the fact that iodine deficiency is one possible reason for the skin condition is something you can try. You can also start applying Apple Cider Vinegar, tea tree oil and other types of essential oils to help with better blood circulation and cell repair in the affected area.

Laser treatment is another option which is quicker, less painful and a more effective way of removing the angioma compared to other kinds of procedures. Heat is precisely applied to the skin with the use of specific laser equipment which gradually breaks the affected cell and removing the red mole.

Other Cherry Angioma Removal in Bristol techniques are medical procedures such as Excision or cutting off the Cherry Angioma from the skin, Cryotherapy or freezing the mole using liquid nitrogen or Electrocautery where in electric current is applied to the area and burning the angioma in the process.