3 Signs you’re Obsessed with your Body

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There’s nothing wrong with taking care of your body. In fact, we must take care of our bodies because we are not going to get another one if this one gets rusty. So making sure that your body stays healthy and looks good is a good thing. By taking care of your health and appearance, you’ll be saving yourself from various kinds of physical and psychological illnesses. But the excess of anything, whether it’s good or bad, is not good. When you worry so much about something that it takes over your existence that means it has become an obsession. There are a few cute and harmless obsessions like following your favorite celebrities on social media and liking all their posts. But an obsession that affects the peace of your mind is not healthy. By worrying too much about their body, some people develop an obsession.

How an Obsession with the Body Starts?

There can be any number of causes behind the development of such an obsession. But one of the leading causes is social media. Hollywood and the fashion industry has always had high expectations from women, but it is the social media that reminds women every day that they are not good enough. Almost everyone follows models, fitness experts, and diet blogs on Instagram. Their flat stomachs, exercise routines, and healthy diets work as reminders for women everywhere that their bodies aren’t fit, and they are not doing enough to improve their appearance. Consequently, women develop eating disorders, anxiety, and become victims of a severe obsession with their bodies.

How to Know if you’re Obsessed with Your Body:

There are plenty of signs that can help you discover your obsession with your body. Recognizing the problem is very important because once you know it’s there, you can take steps to get rid of it. Here are the three obvious signs of obsession with your body:

  1.    Frequently Checking Yourself in the Mirror:

It’s normal to look at yourself in the mirror when you try on a new dress or when you’re brushing your hair or applying your makeup. And it’s totally okay if it takes you a while to apply your makeup because getting that perfect winged eyeliner requires patience. But if you look at yourself in the mirror for an unreasonable amount of time every day, then you’re in trouble. People often look in the mirror frequently if they are not confident about their appearance or one of their facial features. Turning yourself around in front of the mirror, again and again, to see the dress looks fine when you did the same practice just 5 minutes ago means you’re obsessed with your body. You might also start comparing your body with a model you saw an Instagram and might think you are over weight and need to freeze or remove fat.

Solution: Unfollow the models and the fitness trainers who are lowering your self-esteem. It’s okay to distance yourself from something if it’s affecting your mental health. You can also reduce the number of mirrors in your house and once you get ready in the morning, lock the dressing room and give the key to your spouse or some other family member.

  1.    Calorie Counter:

Worrying about calories is one thing but if you know the calorie count of everyday food items that means you’re obsessed with your body and you can’t eat anything without guilt. This could turn into a serious issue if not solved soon because your body needs all kinds of nutrients and their deficiency can cause different diseases.

Solution: Tell yourself that it’s okay to have a cheat meal once in a while. Talk to a nutritionist so you can learn about the importance of food items that you’ve been ignoring.

  1.    Checking Weight:

Body weight fluctuates every day, so if you start checking it multiple times a day, it’s going to give you anxiety. It might even lead you to make stupid decisions like not eating properly.

Solution: Throw away your weight scale (or tell a friend to hold it for you). Don’t check your weight more than once a month.

So if you have all three signs and you know you’re obsessed with your body, don’t panic. Start working on the solutions and remember to be kind to your body. It deserves your attention for sure, but it also deserves your love.