Which Color that Gives Positive Vibe?


Symbolically  we associate colors to certain part of our life and personality.  Sometimes we even describe hues based on emotions like feisty red, cool blue or lively green.  But scientifically or aesthetically, do seeing colors can be your therapy to some health problems such as stress and depressions?

In an interview of Forbes with environmental psychologist Sally Augustin, Ph.D., she shared her study in how colors influence people and business.  According to her, blue is the common favorite colors and a building painted with this appeases people.  Another color that seems crowd’s favorite is green. Augustin said people connects green with growth and nature that there’s research  suggests that it helps to have creative thought for people.  On the other hand, orange influence to think of good value.

“We react on multiple levels of association with colors — there are social or culture levels as well as personal relationships with particular colors,” Leslie Harrington, executive director of The Color Association of The United States, shared on Huffington Post. “You also have an innate reaction to color. For example, when you look at red, it does increase your heart rate. It is a stimulating color. This goes back to caveman days of fire and danger and alarm.”

For those thinking that red is fabulous, Harrington said you should minimize wearing as though it’s arresting in the first glance it also attract opposite results.

“Red lips can be your best accessory, especially if you’re wearing all black,” Harrington informed. “You have to be confident to do it and have the right shade of red for your skintone.”

In replace of red, she suggested to choose blue to feel calmer especially in stressful days and psychologically it neutralize blood pressure.  In addition to these, blue sends message connected to strength and trustworthiness.

“I encourage women to wear blue when they want to create a calming essence,” How Do I Look host Jeannie Mai advised. “Wear it on a first date — something turquoise or a light aqua sweater with a soft texture like cashmere. It makes a great a first impression and creates relaxation.”

Meantime, in Mai and Harrington’s opinions wearing anything yellow is crucial. It can give you sunny disposition or you look too loud.  Mai described it as an “inviting color” and can “produce very open atmosphere with people.”

On the other hand, though wearing black can make one look slimmer it is also means sadness. However in fashion world it becomes a color of regal and formal like purple, which according to Mai  it also shows your confidence and sophistication.

“Anytime you need to feel confident and regal, such as for a job interview, wear purple,” she said.

According to arttherapyblog.com, light purple may relieve tension. About gray, the site shared that the psychology effect of it are neutral, timeless and practical.  Brown is a bit complex as it possesses varied effects like comfort, sadness, reliability, warmth, and mourning too.

Meanwhile, Pink has more positive effects which associated to gentle, love, and calming than negative like agitation.