Diseases found inside your very own home

Most parents believe that their home is the best place to shield their children from diseases. They do whatever they can to keep their place clean, thinking that it would prevent harmful bacteria from penetrating the household environment. What they do not know is that despite thorough cleaning, their home can still be a breeding ground for germs, which could become stronger and more threatening if not immediately eradicated.

Experts say that bacteria do not only spread through heat and air; they may also be thriving on various household items, such as door knobs, kitchen sinks, refrigerator doors, and electronic gadgets.

According to Dr. Rey Salinel, an infectious disease expert, the bacteria that are found on these household items may cause pneumonia, typhoid, hepatitis A, and gastroenteritis, among other diseases.

Since germs may be thriving on our household items, we need to use high quality hand and body wash to help us fight these diseases.

Do not let bacteria invade your home and bring diseases to your family. Always keep your home clean and disinfected; encourage your entire family to use an effective hand and body soap that contains powerful antibacterial properties. Remember that regular cleaning and good hygiene are the best weapons against germs and viruses.


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