Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure


The scorching heat of the sun can be dehydrating, that could actually lead to high blood pressure. It is important to check your BPs once in a while to prevent further illnesses, worst heart attack.

Here are few things that might help you to lower your blood pressure:

1. Take a walk to help your heart work more efficiently. One of the best types of exercise out there is walking because it is suited for all ages and fitness levels.

2.  Remember to take slow and deep breaths. It relaxes both your body and mind. Inhale through your nose and let your belly expand. Exhale through your mouth. Do it for 5 minutes, one in the morning and another during the night.

3. Load up on potassium-rich foods. Potassium is good for the contraction of the heart muscles. Common sources of potassium are: bananas, oranges, cantaloupes, raisins, sweet potatoes, kidney beans and tomatoes.

4. Indulge yourself with soy and low-fat dairy products as an excellent sources of good quality protein. It is beneficial for people who have high blood pressure.

5. Lower your intake of sodium and salty foods. You have to carefully monitor your consumption of processed and fast foods that are loaded with sodium.

6. Delight your sweet tooth once in a while with dark chocolate. Dark chocolates has compounds which help make the walls of blood vessels more elastic to allow efficient circulation.

7. Switch to decaffeinated coffee.

8. Have a cup of green tea. It is known to have antioxidants to help normalize levels of bad cholesterol.

9. Consume alcohol in moderation.

And last,

10. Consume coenzyme (Q10) CoQ10 supplements daily. It helps keep the blood vessel dilated.

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