5 Worst Advice you’ve ever Heard About Weight Loss


By Ana Margarita Olar  | GetHealthAccess.com

Are you planning to shred pounds before the year ends? Here are the tips that you should NOT follow:

1. Stop Eating Meat

Becoming a vegan can be a great decision but, the idea of not eating meat for weight loss is a little misguided. Beef is rich in protein that your body needs to function properly. Beef also contains iron that will make your cells healthy. Losing weight is not only about having a lean body; it is also about maintaining your health too. Meat can only cause weight gain if you eat it with too much fatty oil, preservatives, or when you eat too many. A better alternative is to choose organic beef. It is more expensive than cold cuts but the health benefits worth the price.

2. Never Eat Fat

Not all fats are bad for your health. You need fats to live. It only depends on what kind of fats you are loading your body with. You should certainly get away from greasy foods like chips, fries, and fast food burgers. But, good fats from natural foods like avocado, nuts, and fish is great. Natural fats can protect your heart and are essential for your well being too. These fats can also make you lose weight because they burn fats.

3. Count Each Calorie

The type of food that you choose to eat is more important than counting every calorie. For example, 50 calories from a fresh orange is different from eating 50 calories of a red velvet cheesecake.
Not all calories are the same. Some calories can give your body greater benefits. Instead of focusing on calories; try to count on the nutritional value that your food can give to your body. The key is to always choose wholesome foods. If your body is properly nourished; it will stop cravings and hunger pangs. You will feel better and will stop to get crazy over calories.

4. Protein will make you thin

Your body needs three macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Loading your body with too much protein can have some circumstances. First, you can deprive your body of different vitamins and minerals that you can get from other food sources. Second, you have the tendency of diminishing fiber intake; it can affect your digestion and metabolism. Third, your kidney can be damaged because of too much protein. Each food groups have different benefits; you need all of it.

5. Enjoy your cheat day on weekends

Health is a habit. If you want to lose weight and enjoy a great shape for life, you need to change your health habits. Many people think that losing weight is a 30-day or a 60-day punishment period. After 1 month or 2, they tend to go back to their old routine. Being healthy should be fun, and it is. Going back to eating crappy foods can break your consistency and habit.