6 Best Blogs to Follow About Weight Loss for 2015


By Ana Margarita Olar  | GetHealthAccess.com

Here’s a list of blogs that you ca
n follow to reach your body goal:

1. Lift Like a Girl

Author: Nia Shanks

If you wanted to have a sculpted body through weight lifting; you will definitely enjoy this blog. Nia teaches girls to practice female-friendly weight lifting techniques. She dedicated the blog for every woman of all shapes and sizes. Nia also shares the importance of strength training. Aside from weight lifting, she also writes about her experiences as she recovered from bulimia and binge eating disorder.

2. YogaDork

Author: Health Contributors

Find out the latest tips and trends about yoga in YogaDork. The site is a great source for yoga enthusiasts. It is also a perfect place to connect with yoga fanatics. Since the site is authored by different contributors, you can get different health tips and how yoga can help make you fit.

3. Fit Bottomed Girls

Author: Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead

Jennipher and Jessica will teach you enjoyable and fun exercises for girls with busy lives. The blog will provide you practical tips and positive motivation that you can still look fabulous despite your hectic schedule. They shared beginners to advanced workouts that you can do at home.

4. Choosing Raw

Author: Gena Hamshaw

Wanted to learn more about eating more greens and raw?
Find out how Gena’s recipes can make eating raw fun and simply delicious. Hamshaw is a certified nutritionist; she is sharing her knowledge about proper body nutrition from foods that you can easily find in your kitchen. She always says that having balance nutrition is a great key to having a fit and healthy body.

5. Running on Real Food

Author: Deryn

Deryn is a triathlete and a certified trainer. She loved to share simple vegan recipes, fun workouts, wellness tips, and motivations to help you keep a healthier body. The author’s healthy eating philosophy goes as: “There’s no right or wrong way to eat healthily. We’re all different with different nutritional requirements; however we all need to eat whole, nutritious foods. Start there.”

6. Oh She Glows

Author: Angela Liddon

Angela shares how she reclaimed her health by shifting to vegan recipes that are free of gluten and soy. Her recipes are so appealing that even her husband loved her dishes too. The dishes are photographed beautifully. Her food presentation will make you want to be a vegan at once.