YouTube Make-Up Guru Nikkie: There’s NO Rule in Wearing Make Up


By Ana Margarita Olar

Girls who apply lots of makeup on their face were often judged. They are being stereotyped as people who do have low self-confidence. Many think that putting make up is simply for girls who are vain and do not accept their natural look.

Make Up Tutorials 1

Nikkie is a 21 year old girl who shares make up tutorial videos. She said that when she is not wearing makeup and show a picture of her with makeup on, people cannot just believe it. She finds RuRaul’s Drag race inspiring and this made her decide to do this make up episode.

In a video entitled “The Power of Make-Up”, Nikkie shared a very interesting video. She said that girls do apply make up for many reasons. They want to look good and feel better.

She grabbed the attention of more than 8 Million viewers on how makeup can make a girl totally glamorous by putting makeup on half of her face and leaving the other half naked.

Her makeup skills showed how contouring can make her face look slimmer. Proper choice of eye shadow can make her eyes look classy and attractive. At the end of the video, she looks like two different persons in one face.

What makes this video different is that Nikkie opened her heart to people who judged girls who love to put on make-up. She concluded the video by saying: “There is no rule for makeup, if you want to look gorgeous, go do it!”

The video gives a heart-warming lesson to each and every girl; Do what makes you happy. If putting makeup makes you feel good, go ahead. You don’t have to worry about what other people will say about you.


Photo Credits: NikkiTutorials YouTube Channel