5 Quick Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss


Are you ready to juice for healthier and sexier body?
You don’t have to starve and eat nothing to get rid of fats. One of the fun ways to be fit this summer is losing weight through juicing.
Here are the seven quick recipes to try:
1. Golden Treat

2 pcs medium sized carrots
1 medium sized apple
1 stalk celery

Shower your immune system with nutrients and vitamins. Apple will boost your body with vitamin C and Carrots will provide ample amount of Vitamin A. Celery has antibacterial properties. It will help you fight hunger pangs because your body will still feel full even if you are on a juice fast.

2. Grape-lemon juice


10 pcs grapes
1 piece medium lemon
1 piece medium sized apple

Grape-lemon juice is great for a morning drink. It will keep your moving throughout the day. The juice combinations will help your digestive system and metabolism working and kicking. Grapes are also packed with antioxidants to help repair your damaged cells. Lemons will help your body fight infections because of its anti-bacterial property. The tough of apple taste will make the juice taste lovelier.


3. Pop-eye drink


½ whole fresh pineapples
1/2 bunch of spinach
2 medium sized carrots

Craving even after a meal is a sign that your body is not getting enough nutrients. The spinach will provide for you the iron and vitamins C needs. Drinking this juice will help your fight high-carbs cravings at midnight, thus, it will help you lose weight. No wonder pop-eye would love to have this drink too.


4. Orange-Sweet potato combo
½ medium sized sweet potato
2 medium apples
1 carrot
1 medium sized orange
2 inches of turmeric
You might be surprised to see a sweet potato juicing but it taste good. This is great if you want to combine juicing and exercise to lose weight fast. Aside from bringing water, take this juice combo with you. It will surely provide the energy you need to finish your workout routines.

5. Green Pineapple punch


½ whole fresh pineapple
1 handful basil leaves
1 medium sized apple

If you want to stay fit and fabulous, this juice recipe is a must-tried. Achieve your bikini body with the help of pineapple and basil. The fruit is packed with fiber that can help cleanse your digestive system. Basil on the other hand, can help you feel fuller by suppressing your appetite.

Achieving a great and fit body this summer should be fun. Start juicing today.

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