This is the HaiRemedy


For women,  hair is our crowning glory. Men adores women with stunning long locks. But how do we keep our hair healthy and shiny?

Because of the many commercially-made hair products available in the market, that promises to give us long healthy shiny locks, we buy, use and in the end damaged our hair.

According to studies, frequent use of shampoos can strip away the natural oils in the hair. It overexcites the scalp causing it to produce more oils that will not benefit your hair. That is why dermatologist advise to use shampoos on an alternate basis or just use it only once-a-week.

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We use shampoo to clean our hair but because oily hair tends to be dirty, we are conscious that it will smell and look bad if we do not wash it.


In an experiment, the “No Poo Experiment”, instead of using a commercial shampoo, the study will use  apple cider vinegar and baking soda as an alternative for 30 days.

According to her, during her first week of trial, she was having a hard time adjusting because of its smell. She felt like she’s a walking salad dressing after shower. On the contrary, the effect is the other way around, there was no residual odor, meaning the strong smell of the vinegar fade away.

The result was astounding, one month after of trial, she noticed that her hair becomes healthier, manageable and less greasy. She did not even need to wash her hair for four to five days, still it becomes much softer and shinier. Although there are some bad hair days, she was able to manage it by applying coconut oil to her damp hair and the frizz was all gone.

Would you dare and try this HaiRemedy?

Here how:

1. Use two tablespoons of baking soda and put it in a 500ml (equivalent to one pint) glass jar if you have long hair. For medium length, one tablespoon in one cup of water will do.

2. Fill the glass jar with water and dissolve the baking soda by stirring.

3. Put two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into the jar (same amount of the baking soda per hair length).

4. Add water to the vinegar.

5. Wet your hair.

6. Pour baking soda solution onto your hair and start massaging.

7. Rinse well.

8. Pour vinegar onto hair and rinse (one minute is enough).

It has been six months since she stopped using shampoo and she noticed that her hair is more silky, smooth and manageable. This natural treatment will save you from damaging your hair from the commercially-made shampoos.

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