10 Hairstyles That Makes You Look Good When at the Beach


Do you want to have that gorgeous hairstyle when you hit the beach?
Sun, sea, and wind should not stop you to look dazzling.
Here are the easy hairstyles that will surely make you look good when at the beach:

beach bun style
1. Beach Bun
A high beach bun is great if you are having a bad hair day. Yes, you can still look good even if you have a damaged or dry hair. Secure your hair with a ponytail and some bobby pins to achieve this hot beach bun look.


Long Straight hair beach
2. Elegant Straight
If you are blessed with a long straight hair, then enjoy your natural beauty. Enhance the look by using moisturizer; make sure that you hair will not be damaged by extreme heat.


Beach hair long wavy
3. Loose Wavy Chic
Look stylish and effortless chic while enjoying the sand. Loose wavy hair looks perfect with floppy beach hat. The hat will protect you from the sun and it is a great accent too.

Low end ponytail
4. Low Ponytailed hair
Low ponytailed hair is another trendy look to have. Secure your hair on the side using bobby pins or elastic ponytail. This looks great for curly or natural wavy hair.


side swept hair
5. Beach Side Swept Style
For long and curly hair, you just need a pin or stylish clip to achieve this glamorous look. You can add some hair mousse so your hair will look shiny and attractive.


hair up hair down
6. Hair up-Hair down style
Look naturally fantastic with hair up hair down style. This is a perfect match with bikini while you are walking along the sea shore.

low ponytailed beach hair
7. High Pony Style
Do you want a stylish look that you can achieve in a minute? Then grab your favourite ponytail and make a high pony style. Your hair will not fall back. This will make you more comfortable to do outdoor beach activities.
8. Multiple pony style or bubble style hair
Enjoy surfing, banana boat rides, and other fun activities. Look great while enjoying the beach with this gorgeous hair style. This is great if you have long hair.

Pink Colored Hair

9. Pink-funky colored hair
Do you have a colorful and memorable summer? Use your hair to show the color of your life. Celebrate with pink color (or whatever color you wish). Just don’t forget to use hair moisturizer to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

10. Bob cut hairstyle
If you want to have a different look for summer; bob cut hair is a must tried style. You will look brave and stunning with this twist.

All of these beach hair styles are equally great. Choose one that will make your feel comfortable and beautiful. Enjoy the beach.

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