10 Bad Skin Care Habits


By Angeli Robles, GetHealthAccess.com |


Do you go to sleep without removing your makeup? Or do you still use your old make-up brushes to save money? How about lip biting mannerism? Many of us are guilty to at least one of these bad skin habits of that we never seem to notice.


1 Tanning
This one is probably under the “we know we shouldn’t do regularly” description because we already know that tanning can accelerate our skin’s aging process and lead to older-looking skin and it can also lead to skin cancer. If you really want that golden glow you can always have it by a naturalistic way of sun-bathing.


2 Over – exfoliating
Regular exfoliation is a real help to remove dead and dull skin cells however, overdoing it is a big no-no especially for those who have sensitive skin prone to allergic reaction.


3 Wearing makeup to bed
Wearing a makeup to bed can be tempting especially if you are tired from your previous appointment and you’re lazy to remove it altogether, however removing it before sleeping is something you mustn’t be lazy about. Sleeping with makeup on can clog your pores and your skin will not be able to breath. It can also lead to an allergic reaction and eye infection.


4 Biting Lips
Have a habit of biting your lips? Well you should think of a way to stop yourself from doing it especially because chewing your own lips can dehydrate them and it will leave your lip to be dry, chopped and full of cracks.


5 Using old makeup brushes
Saving up your money by using old makeup brushes instead of buying a new one?
Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria that may cause allergic reaction and irritation on your face; you can always avoid this by cleaning your brushes at least once a month.


6 Not caring for neck and chest skin
Some people focus their effort and limit it on their skin care to their face. Our neck and chest also need some skin-care so we must take a look at them as well, because they are exposed to the elements just like our faces, they can show signs of aging faster than the other areas on our body.


7 Squeezing pimples
Some of us think that popping pimples may help but in reality it will only cause scarring and spread bacteria to the other areas of the face, leading to more pimples.


8 Using too much product

The use of several beauty products can destroy your skin; although you can benefit from it, always remember that when it comes to skin care keeping it simple is better than doing something excessive.


9 Taking very hot showers
Taking hot showers may feel good but it can also cause destruction on your skin’s lipid barriers and lead them to be dry. Why don’t you try to bath with a lukewarm water it can also make you feel good and it is gentler on skin.


10 Not changing sheets and pillowcases often enough
Your pillowcase absorb oils from your skin while you sleep and they can also reapply it back later, changing your pillowcases and sheets time to time is important especially for those with oily and acne-prone skin.