Every opportunity is a chance of a lifetime.


by: Jessica Mikaela Mones, GetHealthAccess.com |

Success in life does not come in just a blink of an eye. It requires hard work, positivity and determination. Just like the award winning Taylor Swift, it is the rejections, heartbreaks and hardships that have driven her to succeed.

Grab every opportunity
Eleven-year-old Taylor Swift traveled to Music Row in Nashville, a famous area that houses hundreds of music-related businesses to literally knock on the doors of producers and give CDs of her singing covers but it did not receive any attention. However, dedicated Taylor did not give up. When she turned 12, she started teaching herself how to play a guitar and even started writing songs. And after two years, Taylor returned to Nashville carrying her own music and that’s when people began noticing this young singer-songwriter.

The lesson: Things do not always go on your way. It takes time. What you expect might not work on the first try, second, or even third, but you can always learn from rejection. Use those negativities in a positive note! Instead of feeling down, make necessary twists and try different tweaks until you discover your path to success.

Find your niche
Taylor’s song speaks to herself, “I’m just a girl trying to find a place in this world.” Made her turns left and right, she has realized that writing her own music makes her feel good and confident. Her genre, country music is far different to the music popular those days that made it a bit difficult to stand out. But even if she has a chance to change her music in order to be famous, she did not try to blend in and knows how to say no when feeling it does not fit. Taylor knows what she wants and fights what she believes in.

The lesson: Believe in yourself. Cliché as it may seem but it will always apply to anyone, every time. Has a great idea or concept but has no guts to do it? Trust and believe in yourself because no one else will. It is better to stand out than fit in. Know what direction you are heading to and keep it tracked.

A for effort
While all her friends are doing other things, hanging out and partying, Taylor was busy writing songs and training herself. Taylor did not lose focus and chose to be devoted and determined with her dream.

The lesson: Passion is incomplete without pain. When you love something, you will do everything even if it seems hard. Sacrifices happen but hard work will be paid off. Accomplish something and push yourself to achieve what you want best.

Take a risk
Taylor is supposed to have a contract with Universal Music but there’s this guy leaving Universal to start his own company and asked her if she wanted to sign. Even if it is only a start-up and independent label, she took a leap of faith and signed. No regrets, Taylor knew it was right for her. She was able to work with them more productively even if it is a smaller company.

The lesson: Take a chance. No one knows the future. You might fail with your decision but that does not mean you lose. At least you tried! Take the open doors because it may not come around again. It is better to regret something you did than regretting the thing you did not do. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Do not give up
Having good motives will lead us to success. Like Taylor, being a great person, she is also considered as a role model and not just a great artist. She knows what to do and made her dreams happen. It is not for fame and money, it is for the reason that she has a passion for music and she wanted to share it with people.
Yes, Taylor hit some bumps along the road but she was able to overcome it. Because of her proper attitude, here she is now – having sold-out concerts, singing to crowds, topping songs in the charts and all.

The lesson: Everyone experiences ups and downs. What is important is not to give up no matter what. The bumps in the way will make you stronger anyway. Even if life seems hard, always remember you can stand up and take a second chance, or third, or fourth. To achieve the best, never give up.


Optimism, hard work and determination combined can lead to a successful life. If you want to be motivated, start today. Mindset should be replaced with hard work and never-die attitude. Working hard does not promise an immediate success. There will be failures but they serve as a lesson and should make you more determined than ever.

Success is not an event, it is a process. In this process, you have to have a positive mindset and work hard on it, but prepare for failures for they are the staircases to success. Always try to be consistent and do not ever give up. Live your dream! Time is now.