Getting Rid of Chapped Lips


by Jim Moriones |

Everyone experience chapped lips when the lip loses its moisture and become tight and start to split. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Licking your lips

All this time you thought you’re doing yourself a favor, but you’re not. Avoid licking your lips for it loses its moisture and it affects your lip through a cycle of lip dehydration, the same effect goes in biting and chewing your lips.

  1. Dehydration

Chap lips is a sign that you are in need of water, or something is wrong in the balance and a signal to so many different things in your body. And now its summer, many of us would spent most of the time outdoors, many people forgets to rehydrate while having fun and can lead to a more severe dehydration without you knowing it.

  1. Not protecting them

Whatever time of the year, there will always be moment that you will experience chapped lips. Whenever the cold and dry air is there, whether on summer or winter, or if it’s too windy on the beach or partying all night long, you’ll definitely won’t notice it until its actually happening.

  1. Mouth Breathing

You probably won’t noticed that you’re lips gets chapped when you have a cold. That’s when you breathe in your mouth and not in your clogged nose. This is what happens as well for those who has sleep apnea or for those who snore, like I said chapped lips can tell so many things in your body so you might want to get in touch with you doctor.

  1. Toothpaste Citrus and Cinnamates

Toothpaste is your mouth’s buddy, but you probably want to check on the ingredient, sodium lauryl sulfate; common irritant for your lips. Citrus found in fruits are also source of irritant, and so as with the cinnamates, found in gums and candies have the same effect.

  1. Too much Vitamin A or less of Vitamin B

Vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin and eyesight, for less Vitamin B, helps you absorb things you are eating, too much of these vitamins can lead to a chap lip and can be harmful to you if you have any existing medical conditions.

  1. Allergies and Medications

Allergies caused by medical products and medications such as Accutane for acne or wrinkles, propranolol for blood pressure, or prochlorperazine for vertigo, can also cause chapped lips too.

  1. Medical conditions

Cases like thyroid disease and psoriasis can also cause dryness of the lip; we’ve mentioned sleep apnea, and allergy-caused chaps, actinic cheilitis and those with Down syndrome.

We might not take having chapped lips as a serious condition, but think again, this might be a body signal to a more serious illnesses.