Colds in Summer Nights


by Jim Moriones |

A lot of people experience common colds this summer, when it fact just a few days, it was one the hottest days of the season, about 35 to 36 degrees.

I myself had an experience of this nuisance and it scared me that it might lead to cough. Good thing I had a couple of days rest and relaxation. But I was so keen about what the cause and here’s what I found:

There are more than 200 viruses that can cause your common cold and when it’s summer it is the non-polio enterovirus infection, and there are 60 types of it, that is according to Dr. Michael Pichichero, Pediatrician and Infectious Disease Researcher at the Rochester General Hospital, New York.

  1. Estimated half of the world’s population gets infected with the virus but doesn’t get sick at all. But about 10 to 15 million people get ill with this virus just in the US.
  2. They hit mostly children for they have a much less developed immune system than adults.
  3. You can contact the virus through contaminated surfaces; in can be your daily bus or train ride, door knobs, ATM or your common areas.
  4. And like any other colds it doesn’t have a cure.

As advised by the experts, there is no cure for a cold, but we can always take care of ourselves through enough rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and some medications for relief of the symptoms like paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Adults are expected to have 2-4 colds a year, and for children 3-8 colds, but this doesn’t mean that we should do nothing. You can always have the habit of washing your hands, avoiding people who are sick and be at guard always to what you eat and drink. Keeping yourself healthy is the best way of prevention to any type of colds.