What to Bring to Your Summer Picnics That Keep the Weight Down


For many, summer is just starting. If you worry about gaining extra pounds from picnic foods, here’s the good news: You can still keep your weight down. Bring these sexy summer foods to your last minute getaway:


Stay sexy all summer while enjoying grapes for a snack. This fruit helps to speed up your metabolism and make you feel fuller too. Because it is sweet and delicious, you will not feel deprived. You don’t need a hunger strike. You can also add grapes to your smoothies and fruit salads.

Green Tea

Looking for a perfect summer getaway drink? Cleanse your colon and strengthen your immune system by choosing green tea. You can make a twist by making an ice cold green tea with milk. By drinking green tea, you can prime your colon and enhance your metabolism. The catechin content of the tea can help to promote fat oxidation too.


If you want to have a super food to help you stay strong all day long; bring bananas. It is easy to eat and it has great body benefit too. Bananas help to decrease the risk for obesity by reducing fat accumulation in your body.


Protein builds more muscles which keep your metabolism on track. Thanks to this wonderful and healthy snack. Bring some almonds to keep you fit while going to the beach. You don’t have to load yourself with junk foods and high in sodium snacks. Almonds will do the trick for you. It is tastier and can bring your body several health benefits. Almonds are rich in antioxidant that can help to protect your cells from free radicals. It can also make you feel full and more satisfied.


Thinking what to cook for lunch? Broccoli is a perfect sexy summer food. If you are to bring kids with you; try to prepare fried broccoli. You can also mix it with tofu or beef to make it more appetizing.


To have a more refreshing vacation; prepare a cold, milk avocado shake. Avocados are loaded with healthy lipids that can help remove excess fats from your abdomen. Yes, you can eat and drink more while losing weight too.

Don’t let the worries of gaining weight ruin your last minute summer trip. Just remember, you can eat, drink, and enjoy summer by choosing the right foods!