Ways to De-Clutter Your Things and Cut Stress


By Ana Margarita Olar | GetHealthAccess.com

Coming home from a stressful work environment to a messy, unorganized place adds to your feelings of fatigue, pressure, and anxiety.

Organizing things in your home (or work environment) should be a habit meaning doing it religiously every day as a part of your daily routine.

Here are some ways to de-clutter your things and eventually cut out stress:

De-Clutter your closet

Office clothes or outdoor clothes should be hung neatly. Tip: if the clothes are not yet ironed, you can hang it inside out so that you’ll know that it needs ironing. Clothes that are worn every day (such as school uniforms) should be hanged at the front and those that are worn on special occasions could be hanged at the back.

This is to avoid cramming over a pile of clothes while looking for a uniform and ending up late for work or school because you cannot find your clothes. Clothes worn at home (pang bahay) may be folded neatly separating shirts from trousers. Jackets and other thick clothes may be set aside neatly for the rainy days.

Shoes, sandals, and flip flops can be also organized by hanging them into a rack using special hangers.

Choose a sofa or bed with built in cabinet

This is a great space saver and ideal container for blankets, pillow cases, and towels. You can also put in your favorite book or your school supplies where it can be easily pulled out whenever you need it.

De-Clutter your vanity table and bathroom

Use a multilayered rack to stack up perfumes and other toiletries. There is also a type of this rack that can be hanged on a bathroom door. Not only does it save space, it will also enable you to see all the items individually and help you plan your grocery list and avoid overstocking of your supplies.

An organized bed room will help you avoid stress.
An organized bed room will help you avoid stress.

De-Clutter your bed

Either you’re stressed or anxious, that’s why you can’t sleep, or the fact that you don’t get enough sleep at night makes you stressful in the morning. So another important thing is to de-clutter your bed. A simple habit of stacking pillows and folding your blanket neatly upon rising in the morning helps a lot.

Also, a fitted bed sheet is most convenient to use because you don’t have to fix it every time. Having a neat, comfortable bed will help you relax and have a good night’s sleep thereby reducing your stress and be ready for the next day’s challenges.

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