Start to Prevent Acne, Rashes with Skin Detox


Pimples, rashes, acne and sensitive skin are few of the beauty issues that many address on daily basis.  Because of these, it’s not surprising to hear latest products and herbal remedies that promise healthier skin. In the book of Adina Grigore entitled “ Skin Cleanse: The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clear, Calm, Happy Skin, the founder of S.W. Basics skincare suggested to address skin problems is to apply nothing.

Though it’s not totally revolutionary approach, Grigore’s skin detox idea devalues the leading skin care products and treatments.  It’s like while everyone is spending dollars for flawless complexion, it will not benefit them in the end. In her interview with Yahoo, she explained the beautiful effect of not wearing make up at all. The skin expert also shared that water is enough to clean human’s skin and hair.

“It can be scary- but it’s also freeing. We are using so many products every day in our skin care as well as our makeup. It can easily add up to 12 a day and those products have tons of different ingredients so a break is a good way to hone in on what might be causing your skin issues. The number one way to control your skin is to a take a break from your products, “Grigore said.

She also noted that hair soaked in shampoos with heavy chemicals may irritate your skin. Meantime, the book author suggested great food for skin like apple cider vinegar, sea salt and olive oil, which she described as “ideal moisturizer.” Furthermore, she emphasized proper diet is also a big help  to achieve healthy skin.

“A lot depends on your body. Some people add meat or cut dairy and see an improvement while others are the opposite. You have to figure out what works for you although I will say that for many people with skin issues, cutting out dairy makes a big difference. But the more greens, fresh fruit, and probiotics you can add to your diet, the better,” Grigore shared.

In related news, Dr. Mehmet Oz’ website suggested beauty detox food for skin such as watercress. According to famous doctor’s site, watercress can help to address uneven skin tone, dark skin and skin patches as it has power to oxygenate tissues to maintain good blood flow.  Furthermore, this aquatic plant is rich in iron, iodine, and calcium that drive red blood cells to bring oxygen to the skin.

Another food for the skin is walnut meat that has omega-3s. Apparently, it boosts your skin suppleness and awesome beauty fats to prevent sagging skin, age spots and even thinning hair.