How to Restart Your Exercise Habit


By Ana Margarita Olar |

It is said that a habit, once formed it’s very hard to break. But in the case of exercise and other fitness activities there are cases that a habit is ditched. It may be because of an illness, a family affair you need to fix, the demands of work, and many other reasons. But in case you realized the importance of exercise and would want to restart this habit, quit procrastination and follow these tips:

  1. Right motive is equal to right mindset. You have to re-evaluate the reason why did you fall on this habit the first time. Was it because of shallow reasons such as: to be in with friends, to please your boyfriend, or to follow a fad? If these are the same reason why you want to restart your fitness habit then there is a high chance that you’ll break it again. So reset your motives. You must exercise for yourself, for your own health and not just to please somebody’s health. Think of working out as rewarding yourself or as a way of relaxing from the stresses of daily life.
  1. Not just the gym. Some people start exercise and break the habit because they are too busy to fix themselves up and hit the gym. Remember, being fit is not just being able to do your gym routine every day. Falling into a single repetitive exercise can lead to boredom. And once boredom strikes, the habit can be broken. Keep in mind that you can do different exercises for each day of the week. Schedule the intense ones when you are not so busy, and schedule relaxing exercise such as yoga during your stressful day. In this way, you have something to look forward when going home or upon waking up every day.restart-exercise-2
  1. Have someone to workout with. Invite a friend, a colleague, or a family member to be your exercise buddy. In this way, you can push each other when the other one gets too busy or to bored to continue the routine. It adds and extra fun and enjoyment when you can be fit and socialize at the same time.
  1. Start with something easy. You are trying to restart a fitness habit so try something easy and do a 5-minute routine. Do not force yourself to exercise hard at first. Just let your body remember how good it feels after a workout. As soon as you remembered the energizing and refreshing feeling of a post workout, you’ll be motivated to do it over and over again until it firmly becomes a habit.
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