6 Great Ways to Buy Healthy Foods and Save Money at the Same Time


Ana Margarita Olar | GetHealthAccess.com

There are a lot of cheap and on the go foods today. Junk foods, street foods, restaurant foods are all readily available and very tempting when you are trying to save time and money in preparing foods. But as tempting as they may seem, think about it. Do you really save money when you buy this stuff? Here are some great ways to save money and save your health when buying foods:

  1. Have a Healthy Food List. Planning may be a cliché, but it is still the best way to start anything, including healthy meals. List all the healthy foods or the healthy menus that are preferred by your family. Have a list for the rest of the week. Involve your family in meal planning. And while on the grocery store, stick to your meal plan. Preparing a food that is preferred by your family ensures that the meal will be consumed and nothing will be wasted thus, a good way for you to eat healthily and save money.fruits-market-colors
  1. Have a fresh option. Stick to your meal plan or list. Opt for the healthy ingredients; consider the cost of canned versus fresh foods. If they are almost the same price or even if canned cost a little less than the fresh ones, choose the latter. Save money by buying fresh foods even if it costs more than preserved food. Why? Chemicals that are used in canned and preserved foods can harm your body in the long run. And hospitalization expenses cost a lot more than buying healthy and fresh foods.
  1. Practice Substitution. Carefully evaluate your meal plan and analyze if you can substitute expensive vegetables with cheaper ones. For your tinola, sayote can be substituted by a raw papaya, whichever is cheaper. Lettuce on your salad may be replaced by a blanched repolyo whichever is cheaper. In this way, you save money and still enjoy your favourite healthy foods.
  1. The magic word “suki”. Suki is a Filipino term used in marketplaces when you are a regular buyer of a certain vendor. When you have a suki, they always and sometimes automatically give you discounts either by slashing out one to five pesos on the cost or by adding a little to what you are buying.
  1. Junk out the junk. Omit or limit the junk foods on your grocery lists such as chips, cookies, chocolates, candies, and other. You don’t just save money. You save your health as well.
  1. Buy in Bulk. Stretch out an ingredient to be used with different meals. For example, a portion of one repolyo head can be used for pork nilaga, a portion for pancit, a portion for chop suey, and a portion for salad.




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