Here’s How to Get Healthy Skin Without the Chemicals Involved

healthy skin

Maintaining healthy skin has never been this difficult because you’ll never know how a beauty product would affect your skin without trying it. With all of the skincare oils, serums, lotions, and tools available today, it sure is tempting to try them especially when you remember a friend who’s recently posted her before and after photos on Instagram. But little did you know, there will always be skin care tips or products that you’d follow or use which makes you apply a lot of chemicals and artificial ingredients on your face more than you’ll ever know.


If you really want to achieve healthy skin without taking in so much chemical, do it the natural way. With so many women (and men) looking up the answers to “How to have clear skin?” on Google, the easiest and cheapest solution which you may do is detoxify. By drinking lemon-infused water, eating fruits and vegetables regularly, exercising, and drinking lots of water, you will be able to at least remove the toxins out of your body so as to lessen the chances of getting skin irritations and even skin breakouts.


If you’re a fan of face masks, why not do it the natural way? Instead of buying expensive face masks, create your own formula using honey, oatmeal, plain yogurt, and egg whites. You may also do a mixture of mashed banana, orange juice, and honey. This would not only make you save money but also would help your skin get nourished from natural ingredients for you to achieve healthy skin.


If you can’t go to bed without exfoliating your skin, get rid of the chemical and use a DIY face scrub. Do this by mixing oats and baking soda to create a paste. Wash your face, and then lightly scrub your face using the DIY mixture. After, leave the mixture on your face for about 5 minutes then rinse. This will help remove dead skin cells and oil so as keep a clean and healthy skin.


If you really can’t avoid using beauty products, make sure that they’re made from all-natural ingredients. When buying skin care products, watch out for parabens, toluene, formaldehyde, SLS, and synthetic colors.


Lastly, as one of the most important skin care tips to remember, make sure to wear makeup only when needed. There are only a few brands which use non-toxic ingredients, but they’re usually the ones which are more expensive or which aren’t known to many. Do not just use any makeup or beauty product just because it’s cheap or famous because these could cause breakouts and irritations to your skin.


With so many options available today, always make it a point to examine the products you use. Do not just jump on the bandwagon, thinking that everyone could have the same skin type and reaction to different products. After all, you could always do things the natural way, right? So whip up some oats and honey today because that’s just how to have clear skin the safest and easiest way!