5 K-Beauty Skin Care Tips to Add to Your Daily Routine

skin care tips

Skin care tips are all over the Web today, but people have been following what Koreans do to achieve their flawless look. Even in photos, you could easily notice how glowing and bright their skin looks like. If you’re one of the many who is now into K-Beauty, here are 5 skin care tips to follow for that Korean-like glow:


  1. Double Cleanse.

If you’re used to washing your face before applying soap or cleanser, Koreans do it the next level. The first step uses an oil cleanser to remove the remaining makeup on your face after washing. After, you’d have to use a water-based cleanser to finish off. This is one of the most important skin care tips to follow as this removes the dirt embedded on your skin and to leave a clean canvas so your skin may absorb the next skincare formulas you’d apply on it.


  1. Exfoliate.

For some, this may be one of the most enjoyable skin care tips to follow after double cleansing. Using an exfoliant, scrub your skin gently in circular motions so as to remove the dead skin cells. This would help your pores become clearer and your skin become smoother. This skin care routine may be done for just at least thrice a week.


  1. Use face masks.

Face masks are now being well-loved by women (and even men), thanks to K-Beauty. If you ever wonder why it comes in different ingredients, this is because different people have different skin types. After double cleansing, exfoliating, and toning your skin, put on a face mask (at least thrice a week) to lock in the moisture and nutrients. Leave this on your face for about 15-20 minutes.


  1. Use eye cream.

If you ever happen to notice, the bags under the eyes of Koreans aren’t noticeable unlike that of other nationalities. This is because they include it in their skincare routine for a healthy skin. Their skincare routine for the eyes include liberally tapping on some eye cream around the eyes to keep it moisturized and to avoid fine lines.


  1. Moisturize.

Here comes of the most important skin care tips: moisturizing. Your skin care routine shouldn’t end without applying some moisturizer on your face to have healthy skin. Choose a moisturizing cream, gel, or lotion that suits your skin type so as to avoid irritations. This step could be done every day, both in the morning and at night.


Given all of these Korean skin care tips, you should always remember that safety comes first. If you notice that your skin gets irritations or allergy from skin care products, don’t use it anymore. Observe carefully which product suits your skin type so you could achieve the Korean skin glow without having to suffer from ignoring its consequences. And most of all, maintain a healthy lifestyle to support your journey towards having healthy skin all the way.