Quick and Easy Beauty Solutions to Banish Sudden Breakouts

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All beauty problems will always have beauty solutions, and they do not need to be complicated or expensive. Beauty solutions should not be rocket science, and should be simple to do, especially if it’s a sudden breakout that decides to attack you for the day. If one day you wake up with a pesky breakout, keep in mind these beauty solutions that will save the day!

One of the best ways to tame a sudden breakout is to spread a cream or gel that contains benzoyl peroxide over the spot you would like to treat. Benzoyl peroxide is anti-microbial, and thus attacks the bacteria that causes acne. Head over to the nearest drugstore to purchase your cream or gel.

Rub an ice cube over the breakout to relieve the redness and inflammation. Doing this will significantly reduce the inflammation, making your breakout smaller and less noticeable, and will tighten your pores, lessening the chances of bacteria and pollution to penetrate your skin. This is actually the fastest and easiest among all the beauty solutions.

Another one of the fastest beauty solutions is using drying lotion over your breakouts. They contain nutrients that attack the acne-causing bacteria, and calm down the inflammation and redness. Drying lotions also come in different colors, such as pink, white, and nude, to conceal your acne breakouts better.

Pimple patches are one of the most convenient beauty solutions out there. They contain salicylic acid and hydrocolloid that kills the bacteria that causes acne breakouts to make your acne dry up faster. Since they are stickers, they offer spot-on treatment and prevents your acne from coming in contact with even more bacteria that could make it worse.

Despite all these beauty solutions, prevention will still always be better than cure or panicking over researching for the best and quickest solution.

Before going to bed, make sure you have washed your face thoroughly to remove all your makeup and all the dirt on your face. If your face is left unwashed overnight, the products and dirt on your skin may clog your pores, accumulate bacteria, and cause unwanted breakouts.

For two or three times a week, gently exfoliate your face. Exfoliation will remove deep seated dirt, unclog your pores, strip off the dead skin cells, and help tighten your pores. Exfoliation not only helps prevent acne breakouts, but it can also give you a smooth and glowing complexion.