Your health status according to your mouth, teeth

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Visiting a doctor is already a dreadful activity for many, what more if you have to see your dentist? But in comparison, seeing the latter is not deemed important unless there are severe concerns in your mouth. Does checking your mouth is all about dental health or oral hygiene?

Possibly even medical professionals would agree that there’s something in your mouth that can tell if you have other health concerns.  For example, if after doing several mouth washing, dental cleaning, and brushing you still have bad breath.  Another common mouth issue is frequent gum bleeding even if you don’t do anything extraordinary aside from flossing.

According to the report of, three of other inner reasons of bad breath or halitosis are sinus infection, sleep apnea or breathing through mouth when you’re sleeping and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or acid reflux.  In addition to these, Mother Nature Network (MNN) shared that it also has something to do with being diabetic or sign of kidney and liver issues.

mouth pixabay 2“A small bacterial overgrowth in a patient’s stomach can show up as bad breath and not be associated at all with teeth,” Beverly Hills based periodontist Sanda Moldovan, DDS, MS, CNS, imparted on MNN.

Other indications of GERD are cracked and worn out teeth as acid can also weaken tooth enamel. Meantime, hormonal imbalance especially during pregnancy is another reason of   unusual gum bleeding, as well as high level of blood sugar or diabetes.

On the other note, your mouth issue can be transformed into a heart disease and oral cavity or pharynx cancer if you just ignore it. According to MNN the bacteria that rooted from plaque or periodontal disease can penetrate blood vessels that actually grow into coronary disease.

Thus the next time you see your dentist, think of it make your mouth healthy and saving also your whole body to acquire serious problems.  Besides he or she may help you to discover your underlying health issues and the first person to recommend you to a specialist.


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