Cyberbullying, Bullycides and Other Types Bullying You Should Know

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Sometimes physical hurts are more endurable than emotional pains and the latter may last longer.  This line is perhaps one the cliché dialogues in several drama series, but unfortunately this is a statement of fact happening in real life.  Bullying has been always a fear of parents for their kids and people into it also evolves like those called cyberbullies and crybullies.

“Bullying is when an individual or a group of people with more power, repeatedly and intentionally cause hurt or harm to another person or group of people who feel helpless to respond. Bullying can continue over time, is often hidden from adults, and will probably continue if no action is taken,” National Center Against Bullying (NCAB), an initiative of non-profit organization Alannah and Madeline Foundation in Australia, shared.

NCAB added that bullying is a relationship problem and situations like argument, fights, nastiness, social rejection, and random of intimidation are not part of it.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

According to, there are four types of bullying like verbal bullying, physical bullying, relational bullying, and cyberbullying.  Relational bullying is similar to teen movies where the subject treated as outcast and invisible when a group teenager has activities.  On the other hand, Cyberbullying is the latest type and involves mocking and spreading negative issues about the subject.  Though usually those famous celebrities are the usual targets, there were also instances that commoners became famous because of online bashing. Sadly, not everyone knows about the term ‘Bullycide’ where desperate victims resort to suicide to end their sufferings like 15-year old Canadian Amanda Todd did in 2012.

“Cyberbullying, or bullying in cyberspace, involves haranguing someone by spreading mean words, lies, and false rumors through e-mails, text messages, and social media posts. Sexist, racist, and homophobic messages create a hostile atmosphere, even when not directly targeting your child,” explained.

Meantime, there’s another type of bullies has apparently has emerged and according the the report of Wall Street Journal they’re called crybullies.  The term is rooted from recent incident at Yale University where students, specially by Erika Christakis, reacted to rules implemented about Halloween costumes.

“The crybully, who has weaponized his coveted status as a victim, was first sighted in the mid-2000s. He has two calling cards, race and gender. By coincidence Lawrence Summers, then president of Harvard University, was involved in the evolution of both,” Roger Kimball shared on his article on Wall Street Journal. warned that depression, insomnia, low self-esteem, anxiety, and physical health issues are just some of the results of bullying especially in the kids. The site added that no single solution for this problem, but it’s crucial to create solutions like ‘build awareness’ and have ‘anti-bullying programs.’

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