12 Risks of Christmas to Look Out For, Part 1

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by Rey Beltran | GetHealthAccess.com

If you’re familiar with the traditional carol 12 Days of Christmas, well, we have enumerated the 12 risks (both health and financial) during the yuletide season. And here they are:

1. Overeating

Tops the list for obvious reasons. When Christmas season kicks in, countless parties abound. From office parties to family reunions, to other annual gatherings that usually happen during yuletide, you’re sure to find yourself eating, drinking… bingeing… and before you know it, you’ve added pounds you’ll have a hard time to shed off.   How to avoid this? Moderation. You don’t have to eat what’s on the long table… sample them all so you get to enjoy each dish. You don’t have to drink that many a beer… nurse it just enough to pair it with the food.

2. Holiday Blues

Who doesn’t get them? Am sure you have had this more than you care to remember (who wants to remember it anyway?) but it sure is a downer. The Christmas Holidays put so much pressure on us in terms of enjoyment. From planning parties to gift giving, from just trying to enjoy the party to partaking the food and drinks… it’s no joke that others would be jaded by the season.  Some people even start to have that feeling of sadness or loss… but it’s just for the moment. Because when the season is over, the blues also go away.

The key to deal with this is kind of blues is to not force yourself to the demands of the season. If you don’t feel like partying, don’t go. You don’t want to be a party pooper. If you feel like you need to be alone, do so. Who needs the stress of the season if you are already stressed? At the end of the day, meditate or find time to breathe … practice a little gratitude and give thanks.

3. Overspending and Debt

Aha! Raise your hands if you’re guilty! The season of giving is also the season of spending. Even if you’re already spending beyond your means! You don’t have to be overly generous. Pick the ones who deserve a gift from you. Gifts don’t have to be that expensive, too! Also, try to pay in cash. No, not try! You should pay in cash. And that needs no explanation.

4. New Year’s Eve Dread

This also adds stress to us. With the coming new year, comes a year of uncertainty. Also, that resolution you have said last year and the year before that? Will that be your resolution for the coming year? But why add pressure on yourself? Why have a new year’s resolution in the first place?

If you have to change something, you don’t have to wait for the new year. Resolution can happen anytime. So take heart, do it when you’re ready.

5. Kids Will Drive You Crazy

They sure do! Especially during the holiday season, when all those latest toys and gadgets and gizmos see the light of day. Kids wailing… dragging you to the toy section… it can all get on your nerves.  But there’s a way out!

Kids are wiser than you think. You have to talk to them honestly. And instill the value of time spent together with family, gratitude, and being able to enjoy simple things. So early on, you have to teach it so come the holidays, the kid wailing and weeping and throwing tantrums in the toy section of some toy store does not belong to you.

to be continued…

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