4 Tips for Women to Lose Weight after Pregnancy


By: Ana Margarita Olar | GetHealthAccess.com

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in a woman’s body, both physically and psychologically. One of these changes is weight gain which is essential for the growing baby. But now that the baby was born, you don’t need that excess weight anymore. Here are some tips to shed off those extra pounds after pregnancy:

1. Breastfeeding is best for babies… and moms too!

Breastfeeding triggers a physiology that in turn helps you lose weight and return to your pre-pregnancy shape. When the baby sucks at the nipple, it triggers the release of oxytocin hormone which causes contraction of your uterus, expelling excess blood, constricting the arteries, and facilitating uterine involution (return of uterus to its pre-pregnancy size).

Breastfeeding helps you burn 300-350 calories daily for milk production, by choosing healthy foods, staying active. Take note that losing 0.5kg to 1 kg a week shouldn’t affect the quality and supply of breastmilk.

2. Exercise. 

Going back to your fitness regimen after pregnancy requires perseverance and wise time management. The demands of babysitting must not hinder you from working out. Taking care of the baby all day requires a lot of calories but you also need to incorporate strength training in order to lose weight and stay strong. Here is an example of training that you can do while babysitting your child:

  • Start with gentle exercise. Remember that your body has been through a lot of stress when giving birth and you need not put more pressure to your body just to lose weight. You should start with: walking, stretching, and pelvic floor exercise. Wait until 6 weeks or until fully recovered before starting more strenuous exercise.
  • Try the stroller workout: While your baby is on the stroller, you can try this cardio exercise. Start with 5 minutes warm up consisting of walking in a moderate pace, then brisk walk or jog for 18 minutes, and cool down for three minutes.
  1. Choose your foods wisely.

Remember that what you eat affects the quality of breastmilk that you give your baby. Choose foods that will not add up to your fat stores, thus facilitating weight loss. Examples are fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk and dairy products, meat from chicken or fish.

giving birth 2

  1. Have stress busting regimen.

The pressure of babysitting is truly stressful. Stress can lead to unhealthy coping mechanism such as binge eating and craving for unhealthy foods, which may hinder your way to weight loss. Here are some ways to bust stress:

  • Have adequate rest and sleep.

Stop thinking too much, and if you find yourself doing so, divert your attention to other things such as reading books or playing with the baby, or talking to someone.

  • Go outside and have some fresh air.

If ever you ran out of patience with your figure, remember this fact: your body has been under a slow, constant change in nine months of pregnancy. So give your body that same time frame: 9 to 12 months of slow, gradual change and return to your pre-pregnant weight and shape.