What you ought to know about sore throat?

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MJ Gonzales │ GetHealthAccess.com

You don’t have to be a professional singer, cheerleader or election campaigner to feel bad about sore throat. It’s simply irritating that affects your normal day-to-day activities as even you speak or swallow you already feel the pain.  Don’t make your suffering stay long or worse, here are the things you should know about sore throat to avoid and solve it

The pain in sore throat is due to the infection and swelling in the throat.  To prevent it to happen, drink plenty of water, boost your immune system, breathe through your nose, and swallow more often as your saliva alone can sooth your throat. Meantime, elements such as pollution, temperature, smoking, alcohol, voice strain can cause or worsen your sore throat so better stay away from those.

Credit: Stocksnap
Credit: Stocksnap

According to Reader’s Digest, gargling can also be a strong remedy for sore throat. In fact, there are type of gargles you can create kitchen items like salt, hot sauce, turmeric, licorice, echinacea, goldenseal, and sage that you can combine with water.  In addition to this, they shared that gargling green tea and raspberry tea are also helpful.

Meantime, having sore throat can’t be just an ordinary irritation as it may also one symptom of other health problems.  New Zealand’s Ministry of Health shared if your sore throat already counting days and you also experiencing neck swelling, earache, above normal body temperature, and difficulty in swallowing you need to consult doctors right away.   It is possibly you have glandular fever, scarlet fever or rheumatic fever. The latter is serious one because if it’s not treated properly, it can cause damage in your heart.  In addition to this, Texas based MD Anderson Cancer Center shared that persistent sore throat is also a symptom of throat cancer.