3 Beautiful Benefits You Can Get in Journaling, Diary Writing

Credit: Pixabay

With the advent of social media where writing are limited to 160 characters or when videos and photos are the form of updating people, journaling become unpopular.   But apart from keeping your secrets in papers, journal and diary has apparently more than written account of your daily musing or rant.

Neutralize your emotion with Journaling

Spice Girls sing “Too much of something is bad enough” and can be apply to extreme emotions. Whether you are too happy, in love or angry; you’re thinking may be clouded of your biases. However if you are sharing your thoughts freely and details, you’ll slowly pouring excess emotions without you knowing.

When you’re upset and you write, along the way you’ll realize things you’ve done wrong and what the best thing to do next.  If ever you don’t come up with the right solution yet, the perhaps you do the right step and that is calm your emotion.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

 Journaling is a way for mood and mind-setting

We can have so many ideas and dreams in mind, but those will be hang in there not until you transform them into something you can sense.  Start to pen down your dreams even if they sound like impossible today and you have no idea where to begin.  Little by little your hidden desire will be unleashed ad even you’re inner goal-setter.

The good thing about diary or journal, you are actually talking to yourself. You shutting up the exterior voices that possibly stopping you to become positive. With that you are setting your mind to focus on your goals and automatically brighten your mode.

Journaling boosts your communication skills

Do you know why there are mirrors in dance studios or why singers record their voices when they have practices?  One answer to these is to spot which part they can improve or emphasize while enjoying their time and before their big day. It also applies in improving your communication skills while you’re writing in your journal. When you’re composing long sentences and paragraphs you also become self-consciously about your choice of words, punctuation marks or even sentence construction.

You may also be creative and imaginative in writing your story that perhaps may reveal your penchant in dong essays or literary novel.  Anyway,  most writers since ancient times based their story in their true experiences or fantasies.

Of course there three are just few of the many cool benefits of writing journal like it may improve your memory or your whole personality.