Primal Ape CrossFit: A Box of Community


By Joanne Javier|

Are you looking for the perfect gym to lose weight? Well, in Chino Roces Avenue near Dela Rosa Street, there is a one of a kind gym, or as they call it in US, a box which was created out of a passion for and commitment to fitness. Members from this gym GO FAST ALONE but GO FAR TOGETHER. How? This is because of the efforts made by the coaches, who guide their members through every step – from proper warm-ups to cool downs after long hour of workouts. That is, no one at Primal Ape CrossFit is ever alone.

One can see the Primal Ape Manifesto as an awesome manifesto to look at for inspiration. It says here that you are not alone on your fitness journey. There are members who are on the same track as you may be; and you will develop mutual trust and friendship among members who spend a lot of time with you. Likewise, your experiences at Primal Ape will take you on a journey of learning, humility and self-improvement that will soon help you to become a foremost being, a prime self. In essence, no matter which person you are, Primal Ape is here to motivate you, inspire you and most of all listen to you. Indeed, a box of community!

anton sietereales

In an interview of Vigorbuddy with Coach Anton Sietereales, Head Coach and founder of Primal Ape, emphasized the meaning of strengthening one’s self regardless of experience. His primary goal is to work with individuals and provide good training that will soon help a person to become an elite athlete.  Primal Ape CrossFit offers a fitness program with a wide variety of functional movements like pull-ups, squats, push-ups, weightlifting, gymnastics, and a host of other movements in order to have better health.


Among the eight programs offered by Primal Ape, Boot camp and CrossFit were the two most popular workout programs searched at this gym. In CrossFit program, the coaches help the participants to improve their speed, power and agility by using high intensity and form-focused workouts. In fact, the aim of this program is to forge a body that is capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions. That is, this program trains the muscles to work together so that it is ready for daily tasks like carrying grocery bags in one go. Meanwhile, Boot camp program is effective for fat loss, muscle toning and full-body conditioning which must be undergone first by those who have not yet tried Crossfit. This training which takes for almost two weeks, is somehow similar to Crossfit, only it does not use heavy workout equipment. It uses bodyweight exercises like push-ups, dumbbells with the purpose of building a strong core and functional strength while losing body fat.



When asked if they have the same niche as compared to other gyms, Coach Anton said: “Well, I can say, we are the biggest one in the Philippine, fully equipped by Rogue Equipment – which has the best quality when it comes to cross boxes and is very popular as compared to other China brands”. Speaking of Rogue, this is the American leading provider of CrossFit equipment worldwide.

Beyond consistent, effective, structured workouts – what Coach Anton engineers now is a stable, supportive community. His considerable investment in Primal Ape’s vast space and top-of-the-line equipment reflects his confidence in the box’s ability to make everyone feel at home.


Get a sneak peak of  what’s at stake when you join the Primal Ape Crossfit’s Bootcamp. Watch this video!