Surviving the Christmas Rush


by Rey Beltran |

If you think you’ve escaped the hellish traffic on your way to the mall, you’ve got another think coming. Traffic is even worse IN the mall. Or in the shopping districts you want to go to. Makes you turn into Scrooge and just hibernate during the season of giving. Well, let’s try and give you hope this Christmas with the following tips to survive the holiday rush!

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Yes, my friend! Have a list of things to buy this Christmas. Take a cue from Santa, list down the friends and family members you intend to buy gifts for. Give a budget for each one in the list; that way you won’t overshoot your Christmas bonus. If you’re in that creative mood, write down some gift ideas beside their names. And then, if you’re really pressed for time, buy gift cheques or gift certificates.


The early bird catches the worm. That’s also true when shopping. You get the freshest items, you get to freely roam and inspect interesting gift ideas, heck, you basically have the store for yourself (aside from other early shoppers)! Imagine, having that prime spot in the parking area, not falling in line when paying for the stuff you bought… Isn’t that what shopping is supposed to be—stress-free? And to make it more comfortable, try wearing comfortable footwear so as not to wear you down when you intend to shop all day.


You don’t want to spread yourself thin during the holidays, attending to parties and other gatherings, leaving you no time to shop at all. Squeezing shopping in between social activities is not a good idea. You will end up impulse buying, or worse, having bought something way below your standards and not even fit to give as gift. So yes, dedicate a day of Christmas shopping free from any social activities. Your full concentration is needed to give that perfect gift to your friends and family members.


That is, if you feel like giving a way something that’s more personal, why not make one? Get some ideas on homemade crafts by checking out online sites dedicated to it. Or why not bake some goodies… Christmas recipes can also be found online, so if you have the time, make it personal.


So many flea markets during the holidays abound. And along with it, fresh and novel gift ideas can be found there. And usually, they’re not as expensive as you think. You even get to support the local businesses as a way of spreading the blessing of the Christmas season.


And then there’s Or And other online shopping sites where you can do all the shopping you need at home. Of course, you have to consider the delivery time because you don’t want to have them all delivered after Christmas! Shopping early also applies online. See Tip No. 2.

And that, my friends, is how to survive the Christmas season. If you have some other tips you could think of, share it with us by commenting below. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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