Munch and Smile: 5 Popular Foods to have Good Mood

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They say your health depends on what you eat, this is perhaps rooted from illnesses that people developed due to in-nutritious food they intake. Actually, foods are not only meant to satisfy cravings or to supply energy, they can also make human feel good and happy.  Do you know what to eat if you want to brighten up your mood?

Enjoying a mouthwatering meal with your loved ones is of course a sample of happiness already. But apart from the taste and experience in eating, there are studies that proved that certain food that can really change one’s mood. And almost all the reports about this topic, chocolates and bananas are always in the list.

Dark Chocolate. “Cocoa boosts brain serotonin,” ethnobotanist Chris “The Medicine Hunter” Kilham   shared in an interview with “Almost every single antidepressant aims at either enhancing serotonin or keeping it in the brain longer. Chocolate or cocoa does that very well.”

“A lot of people self-medicate with chocolate,” Kilham added. “Women do that prior to and during menstruation, when brain serotonin goes down. Chocolate will help to boost that back up. And a lot of people just plain like the mood that it puts them in.”

Apart from that sugary products that can actually affect your happy mood; dark chocolate is really the best one because it contains tryptophan and magnesium. The latter is known for its anti-anxiety factor.

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Banana Yogurt (Credit: Pixabay)

Banana.    Similar to chocolate, bananas are also good or better source of tryptophan. According to Mirror’s report “tryptophan has “the essential amino acid the brain converts into happiness hormone serotonin.” Meantime, Kilham shared that people can munch a lot of reward chemical from bananas.

“You know that enormous amount of pleasure you get when standing under a hot shower? You feel that because your body is producing dopamine. So anytime you get extra dopamine, that’s going to have a beneficial effect on mind and mood,” Kilham shared on upwave.

Yogurt.   Possibly next to milk and ice cream, yogurt is one the popular foods for kids and adults should follow their lead. This delicious dessert has calcium that apart from bones best friend is also boost immune system and immunity against mood swings.

Spinach.  All along the pop “Sailorman” Popeye’s power booster is also mood enhancer too with its folic acid and anti-oxidant features. In addition to these, you can be little bit immune to fatigue and defocus because this leafy green food is good source of iron.

Salmon and other oily fishes.   In the report of Cosmopolitan, walnuts and salmons are rich in omega -3s. This means, eating salmon will help you to shoo away the depression.  Don’t fret if you can afford to buy salmon or you can’t find any, according to Mirror’s report even sardines and mackerel also  have  omega-3 fatty acids.

“Fish such as sardines and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help the brain to interpret moods and boost concentration levels. Low levels are linked with depression and other mood disorders,” Mirror reported.

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