Kangoo Jumps: Lifting You Up to a Healthier Lifestyle


By Roxanne Joyce Malabanan | GetHealthAccess.com

 “Physical Health is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and intellectual activity.”

Fitness or exercise needs to be perceived as fun for people to enjoy doing it. FTX or Fitness Exchange Gym encourages their client to do just that. Having them do intense work-outs while having fun with the activities.FTX_1

FTX started four years ago with an anti-gym concept intended for people who want to lose weight,  be physically fit and achieve a healthier body in the most rewarding and exciting ways possible. Using less equipment and more functional physical training is the idea which focuses more on body weight, unlike any other traditional exercises.


FTX offers various types of exercises like high low jump which generally targets person or clients in their 40s and up, and kangoo jumps exercises intended for all ages.

Kangoo Jump exercise is simple, easy to learn and very productive in maintaining a vigorous figure that only requires Kangoo shoes to execute. The concept of this exercise is to lessen the impact when you jump while avoiding the risks of getting injured. Kangoo Jumps shoesKangoo Jumps rebound shoes were originally designed for joggers, runners, and athletes in order to reduce the strain in their legs while doing dynamic activities. The shoes absorb 80% of the shock while you’re running. It is often used for trainings and recreational activities; keeping you in shape and burns 20% more calories. It is also appropriate for people who undergo rehabilitation or people overcoming feet injury.

Kangoo Jumps exercise has now evolved into more intensive type of activities that can be performed and enjoyed by anyone, even kids as young as 7 years old up to seniors. It entails a whole body work out with the most encouraging benefits. It helps the body to build up endurance, higher body resistance and better stamina.

Kangoo Jumps session


FTX Gym brings you not just favourable results, but also gives you satisfactory services. From their first-rate facilities to excellent staff members and trainers, it is a perfect place for your recreation. Creating a homey and cozy atmosphere that is to your liking, FTX endow you with something new, something fun, and definitely something to look forward to.


Check out Alden Richard’s Dabarkads Pa More performance last September 5, 2015 (5:58) wherein he showcased his Kangoo Jumps routine which was provided by FTX.