6 Simple Tricks to Look Fabulous on Christmas Parties


By: Ana Margarita A. Olar| GetHealthAccess.com

During Christmas seasons, parties are everywhere. Children’s party (where the parents need to be there of course), employee’s party, homecoming party, reunion party, and the list go on. It’s really a challenge on how to look your best during this party season. Here are some simple tricks to help you out:christmas-party

  1. Before anything else, pay particular attention to hygiene and grooming
  • Hair – if you had not any hair cut within the last 6 weeks, then be sure to make a hair appointment. Touch up to the roots if you have a hair dye, make sure split ends are trimmed and damaged hair repaired.
  • Hands and feet- make sure that your nails are clean. You can choose a nail color that goes with your attire or just keep your nails clean if you’re not much into nail polish.
  • Body- shaves your armpits, wax it, laser it. Whatever suits you best. It’s not very fabulous with all those unnecessary body hair showing around.
  1. Clean up before you go. Allow a few hours of taking a bath, scrubbing yourself and grooming before you party. Apply a deodorant because there’s a tendency that you’ll be sweating when dancing, hosting, or participating in games. An unpleasant body smell is not so fabulous. You can also apply a light perfume.
  1. Be familiar with the dress code. Stick up to the dress code. Is it formal? Is there a specific theme? Christmas parties are often loaded with fun games so mostly attires are casual. Choose sleek attire that helps you move freely for you to enjoy the games without unnecessary skin showing on.
  1. The idea of comfort applies not only for the dress but also for the shoes you wear. You are trying to be fabulous, but this doesn’t mean you should endure calf pain brought about by killer heels during the entire party. Choose a heel height that suits you well and enables you to move without hassle, struggle, or pain.
  1. Makeup and accessories. This is a little bit tricky. If you’re going to party in the morning, apply a little makeup and small accessories like a cute bracelet and small earrings. But if you’re going to party at night, then time to wear accessories with sparkles, experiment with eyeshadows and lipstick, again considering the dress code and your attire as well.
  1. Hairstyle. Braid it, tie it on a ponytail, tie it in half, or wear your hair as it is. Choose a hairstyle that suits you best and makes you confident during that much more awaited Christmas party.

There you go. The key is to stay simple and maintain that confidence within you. Smile, meet and greet, and most importantly, enjoy the party.



Photo via businessfirstfamily.com