Gardening Benefits: Achieve Fitness in Garden, instead of Gym?


By MJ Gonzales│

There are reasons why many don’t have the will for gardening, when in fact there are ways to do it.   However, people who choose to make it as pastime, whether they have green thumbs or not, are actually getting more benefits other than the smile of Mother Earth.

Cultivating orchids, roses, succulent plants and herbal plants bring great satisfaction to those flower and plant lovers.  In landscaping, garden adds attraction to overall façade of establishments, while in interior design it exudes fresh ambiance.   But gardening doesn’t only soothing for the eyes and external feel, but also for the health.  Internationally acclaimed singer Katy Perry can attest to this as she divulged with the Sun that it’s her secret for healthy leaving and getting fit.

“It’s [gardening’s] so nice, it’s so fulfilling to go pick your dinner, bring it back and make it. It’s relaxing and very fulfilling,” the Firework singer, who picked healthy foods from her garden, shared.

Speaking of getting fit, Telegraph reported that garden can be anyone’s new gym as activities involve in gardening equally burn calories. Loughborough University Professor of sports science Clyde Williams cited that possibly in three hours in garden where you can do raking, digging, chopping logs and weeding you would shed 600-700 calories. It is same with an hour in the gym that lets you to do several weights, treadmill running, and stationery biking.

gardening benefits“The benefit in terms of weight loss is that gardening involves prolonged energy expenditure (as opposed to a shorter burst of intense aerobic activity) so you will tend to burn more fat as opposed to carbohydrates, which is more effective when trying to lose weight,” chartered landscape architect and journalist Benny Guiness via Telegraph.

“The point is that while it is an effort to drag yourself to the gym for three sessions a week, nipping into the garden is far more appealing. Even on days when you just pick a few beans, water some plants or open the greenhouse door, you will be putting your body through a useful range of movements involving resistance and stretching exercises, even if you don’t realise that you are doing so,” the radio personality and  award-winning landscape designer added.  She also shared that mowing and shoveling for an hour is like jogging for four miles as both activities can burn about 400 calories.

Meantime, Good Housekeeping’s report  impart other advantages people can get from gardening such as  it lowers blood pressure, improves immune system, boosts men’s stamina,  provides happier mood, and  relieves stress.

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