Five Reasons why you are still not Losing Weight Even on a Diet


By Ana Margarita Olar|

Is losing weight your frustration? Does it seem that you have done everything but you still didn’t lose weight? Then take a look at these reasons that you might have missed:

1. Wrong Information.
Many commercial foods, especially snacks promise “low caloric content” or even zero calories. But in reality, these commercially prepared foods make you even more hungry.It is also true for “diet drinks” which can mislead consumers. These kinds of beverages don’t quench your thirst. Instead, it makes you thirstier.
So, one tip for losing weight is to choose foods that will make you feel “full” such as bananas, nuts, berries, and other fruits. Also, opt for naturally prepared beverages such as buko juice, citrus juice that will truly quench your thirst.


2. Wrong strategy.
Being on a diet is entirely different from starving yourself. When you are hungry, then you need something to eat to satisfy this hunger. Losing weight cannot be achieved by starving yourself and then binging on food afterwards. Also, be able to discern whether you are really hungry or not. Maybe you are tired, stressed, or lacking sleep that makes you want to eat. If it is not real hunger, then you need to satisfy what you’re lacking: rest when tired, relax when stressed, and sleep when you need to. Don’t exchange these much-needed activities with eating.

3. Wrong Timing.
If you think skipping breakfast is a great way of losing weight, then you’ve got it wrong. As much as possible, breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day because you have a whole day to burn down the calories. But if you do otherwise, skipping breakfast than binging on lunch or dinner, you’ll have excess calories and gain weight instead of losing it.

4. Wrong Motivation.
Think about your goals in losing weight. Is it just to gain physical attractiveness? Then your reason is not inspiring it you have no important reason, then you have a tendency to give up even on small hindrances. You must consider other reasons such as health benefits of having a normal weight so that you will stay committed to losing your weight.

5. Wrong Health Conditions.
There are other health conditions which hinder you from losing weight such as chronic stress and depression, which can cause you to have an increased appetite and turn to eating for comfort. Also, hypothyroidism and type 2 diabetes interferes with normal metabolism which causes you to gain weight. You must visit a physician to rule out these causes, and have these conditions addressed properly.