Five Budget-friendly Places to Visit This Summer


Do you want to enjoy the summer but worried about your tight budget? No problem! You can still enjoy your summer without getting your pocket hurt. These are some budget-friendly places to visit:

1. Hike, swim, and bike trails in Bataan

Just 2 hour drive from Manila is the historic province of Bataan. On the way, you can capture pictures of Death March markers. You can drop by in Mount Samat and pay 20 peso entrance fee. Enjoy the over view site above the cross. On your way to Mount Samat Shrine, you can also do an extra mini tree top adventure for just 150 peso to 300 peso.

If you enjoy biking, Bataan trails are perfect for you. There are straight, curved, smooth, ragged, and zigzag trails that can challenge your stamina. You can stop over on hidden falls and clear rivers that surround the province too.

Fare: 200/ head
Accommodation: 400/head

2. Relax with the Waterfalls of Pagsanjan Laguna.

Pagsanjan Falls is one of the most popular falls in the Philippines. You can read about this since elementary years on textbooks. But, getting in there and standing in front of the majestic waterfalls is just another amazing experience. Getting to the falls is also another unique adventure. You have to ride a boat for an hour, where 2 skilled boat men navigate the wooden canoe.

Fare: 150/ head
Accommodation: 500/head

3. Smash with the Beaches of Batangas

Looking for a near escape from the crowded City? You can still ride the last trip to the clear white beaches of Batangas. Choose between San Juan, Matabungkay (Lian), Nasugbu, and Calatagan beaches.

You can enjoy most popular beaches in San Juan. But, if you are looking for less crowded places, you can drive straight to Lian on Matabungkay beach. The Punta de Santiago Lighthouse is also another must visit place when you choose Batangas.

Fare: 150/head
Accommodation: 250/ head

4. Stay cool in Tagaytay

Because of the scorching summer heat, you might just want to have a cooler breeze. Tagaytay is a great on-a-budget escapade. Enjoy your fresh pineapple juice; sip a hot bulalo while looking on the magnificent Taal Lake. You can enjoy it alone or with friends and family.

You can also choose to just enjoy a day tour because of its proximity to the City. While, there are econo- friendly hostels if you wish to stay overnight.

Fare: P80/head
Accommodation: 400/ head

5. Discover the hidden coves of Zambales.

Have you ever heard about Pundaquit’s Nagsasa Cove, Silanguin Cove, Anawangin Cove or Talisayin Cove? These coasts are formed when Mount Pinatubo erupted. You will have a feeling of visiting New Zealand in Pundaquit coves. While you can try trekking, island hopping, snorkelling and camping on other coasts.

Fare: P700/head
Food and Accommodation: FREE if you will bring your own tent and food.

You don’t have to shed your savings to enjoy summer. Explore and fill your vacation with adventure on a budget!