7 Easy Home Workouts for Rainy Season


By Ana Margarita Olar |GetHealthAccess.com

Do you want to stay fit even if it is raining outside?

Here are seven home workout ideas that you can do for rainy seasons:



The gloomy weather can make you feel lousy. Most of the time, people tend to eat more and sleep longer during rainy days. Don’t do as they do. As you wake up, do simple stretching. It will help your muscle to stay flexible. Stretching will also help you to turn on your exercise button.

Jumping Rope

If you thought that jumping rope is only for elementary girls; think again. Many boxers and athletes use jump rope routine to increase their lung capacity and stamina. Fifty or more jumps are enough to make your heart pump up. You will feel the heat of this simple workout. It is great a great exercise even for rainy seasons because it warms the body fast.

Jogging or walking on Place

You don’t have to catch the flu to enjoy the benefit of walking outside. You can always walk in place. Many people think that rainy season is the perfect time to gain weight and extra belly fats. You can make it a great chance to start losing weight.


Use your body to sculpt your body. If you are feeling stronger, you can try a little push-up repetition. It will not only make your arms fit and strong; you can also gain that confidence you are longing to have. Aside from looking good, push ups are also good for the body. This is great if you wanted to lose weight for health reasons.

Sit-ups and Crunches

Push up cannot end just like that. Try to push yourself further by doing sit ups and crunches too. Get yourself a strong core while listening to a lively song. Rainy seasons can’t be boring again.

Weights or water bottle weights

If you don’t want to see your floppy arms again, rainy days is a perfect time to change it. Lifting is a great workout to tone biceps and triceps. Enjoy your movie marathon more by pumping your muscles instead of munching popcorns.


If you are looking for a more fun and exciting workouts, try dancing. You can look for YouTube videos and tutorials that you can follow. Your list of dances is unlimited.

Make your rainy seasons a time to make your body fit and healthier.