5 Ways to Make Your Eyes Glamorous with Eye Liner


Eyeliners can make the eyes more fabulous and attractive. Many girls wanted to know how to use this beauty weapon properly. Here are the tips that you should remember when using eyeliner.

Tip #1 Know the basic types of eyeliners

There are 3 basic types of eyeliners that you can choose from: pencil, gel, and liquid.

Pencil eyeliners are the easiest to apply for makeup beginners. Sometimes, this type of eyeliner doesn’t spread smoothly. Gel liners on the other hand glide on easily. It comes in a little pot with different kind of brush. While Liquid eyeliners come on different packages, some liquid liners can take the time to dry after applying.

Tip # 2 Know the right eyeliner color

Different eye colors also need unique liner color to match and enhance the look.

For girls with green or hazel eyes, the best colors are purple or brown. The purple color can enhance the green shade, making it to look more attractive.

On the other hand, there are more options for girls with brown eyes. Brown shades can match with almost any color they want. It is the same for girls with black eyes too.

Tip # 3 Manage a shaky hand

Many girls messed their eye makeup because of shaky hands. There’s an easy way to deal with this struggle:

You can sit down straight. Then, stabilize your elbow by putting it on a flat surface. Rest your pinky finger on your cheek.  This way, you can control unnecessary shakes.


Tip # 4 Know the right liner style your eye’s shape

There are no hard rules in applying eyeliner. But like choosing the right dress for your body shape; so do liners.

Winged style is best for any shapes. It is worth mastering and easy to play with.

Top only style, on the other hand, is great for smaller eyes. It can make the eyes look bigger and lively.

Double winged style is for even smaller eyes. It can make you achieve a doll-like looks.

For medium or large eyes, inner rim style is the way to go. If you have a natural almond shaped eye, you can just trace the inner linings to enhance the look.

Tip # 5 Be patient with yourself

Some girls can apply their eyeliners effortlessly; but, some will create great chaos when trying to put liners. The trick is to be patient and enjoy learning. Like any other skills, you can easily use eyeliners with practice. Many girls watch YouTube videos or browse tips from different websites for styles and designs.


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