The Many Reasons Why You Are Still Single?


Topics such as why are you still single is annoying sometimes especially for men and women who are tired to answer the same questions. It’s an example of simple but delicate question for some as it possibly they also don’t know the answer. But on the other note there also individuals who prefer to stay unattached because of past experiences or ideals that mold them. How about you? Are you still figuring out why you don’t have a sweetheart now?

In’ list factors such as “playing hard to get,” “gender stereotypes, “stuck on the one,” and not getting over your last ex are some reasons why a lot people remain single.  In their explanation to first item, the site point out that pretending you are hard to court is also what stops you to find your match.

“In fact, it’s likely to attract just the sort of person who will make you unhappy: someone who doesn’t feel comfortable being close,” CBS shared. “Better always to be authentic.”

Other reasons that they mentioned are the fear to lose their independence and being unworthy. In CBS’ interview with Dr. Amir Levine, the psychiatrist said that people are all prone to become dependent so it just a matter finding the right one whom you can depend on.

“If you’re wary of getting out there – and this is especially true of people with an anxious attachment style – the best thing you can do is to start dating with a vengeance,” the co-author of ‘Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment’ advised on those feel inferior to think about having relationship. “You can find that special someone and improve while you’re with them.”

Meantime, Metro came up 47 reasons why people finds hard to be in a relation. Some of the issues they mentioned are talking about how many kids on first dates, not liking other people, wanting someone who’s far to become yours, and being too judgmental.

In Huffpost’s story about being single it also emphasized that people should also be aware of their culture and beliefs that affect their view.

“But awareness is the first step. In order to understand your hidden beliefs around love, you must become conscious of what limiting beliefs you’ve inherited from them,” Amita Patel shared on Huffington Post. “After all, you can only change your reality when you accept that it’s not based in reality.

Summing up all these factors and explanations it is interesting to note that apparently singles are idealistic but they don’t do their own analysis of their actions.  Furthermore, there also times they just clouded of wrong perspectives that they acquire through the years.  But if these are all true, there are  still ways to end it and in fact,  there’s happiness in being a single.