12 Risks of Christmas to Look Out For, Part 2

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by Rey Beltran | GetHealthAccess.com

Here’s the second part of the article on the 12 Risks of Christmas to Look Out For.

6. The Holiday Mindset

Have noticed that once December starts, people begin to have this holiday mindset—looking forward to Christmas shopping and all the activities associated with the yuletide. Those happy faces all over, thanks to advertising, have infected the majority of the populace. But do you have to feel that way, too?

Not that you’re being a Scrooge. Christmas is the time to be nice, to be generous, to be thankful… but do not overdo it. It’s cloying. It’s irritating. Just focus on what the reason for the season is all about. And when you do, you don’t have to join the bandwagon of overly happy people celebrating the season. You will be celebrating the season with meaning.

7. Household Mishaps and Accidents

Fire. Electrocuted by Christmas lights. Firecracker victims. Food poisoning. And more… The holiday season sees a spike in emergency cases. So bottom line, be careful.

8. Too Much to Drink

It’s nice to be tipsy. Who wouldn’t want that? But drinking too much during the festivities is not advisable. (Of course, when you drink, don’t drive and all that jazz.) Make it a rule of thumb to have two drinks tops.

9. The Office Christmas Party Minefield

Office Christmas parties usually keep the drinks coming. And having a good time with your colleagues might make the party too risky to the point that you end up in bed with one of them! Awkward! Worse, if you don’t know how to handle your drink, you might end up bullying a colleague or being bullied yourself. So make it a rule of thumb to have just two alcoholic drinks. It might save your career.

10. Family Stress

The annual family reunion! Do you really have to be there? Many of us (admit it!) would rather mingle with our close friends than spend time with the extended family. You don’t have to attend and drink through the occasion (bad, bad attititude)… just show up, greet a few relatives, then scoot by saying you’ve got another commitment to attend to.

11. It’s Just Another Yuletide Season

So don’t expect life-changing moments for you or for your relatives (unless you or they mean to really change!) this holiday. Keep your feet on the ground. Though the festivities might encourage one to dream of a better future for each and every one of us, be realistic. Change takes more than just one yuletide season.

12. The Mall Santa Goes Viral

Have you thought about it? Countless kids sitting on Santa’s lap every year in the mall might make Santa a health risk! The Mall Santa might be a haven of viruses (from the common cold to flu), bacteria, and other creepy crawlies! If you’re that squeamish, do not encourage your kid to sit on Santa’s lap. But if you think you and your kid can handle it, then, by all means, don’t be a spoil sport to your kid’s enjoyment.

‘Tis the season to be jolly… or not. Remember how time flies fast. And the holidays will be a thing of the past.

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