10 Wonderful Benefits Of Raw Milk On Your Skin


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Nobody is unaware of the many health benefits of milk. It is an essential dietary supplement that makes bones stronger and plays a vital role in physical and mental growth. However, did you know that raw milk makes an amazing beauty supplement too? Yes, it does! This fact remains a beauty secret for you. Unfold the 10 amazing skin benefits of raw milk that you were possibly unaware of.

10 Amazing Skin Benefits Of Raw Milk

Boiled milk is considered safe for human consumption. But, are you aware of the fact that boiling dries many vital nutrients from milk? Boiled milk is not as rich in nutrients as the raw milk. We usually pamper our skin with natural ingredients because of the essential minerals they are composed of. Therefore, we bring to light the 10 amazing skin benefits of raw milk that will help you in attaining a flawless complexion largely.

1. Skin Toner

Raw milk is one of the richest sources of moisturizing ingredients. You must have come across a lot of articles on the web asking you to stay cautious with the use of milk as a toner, if you have an oily skin. However, it is for the boiled counterpart and not the raw one. Raw milk works as an exceptional skin-toner for all the skin types. It adds firmness to worn and torn facial tissues. It makes the facial skin more elastic than before.

How To Make Skin Toning Raw Milk Face Mask?

  1. Add a few drops of lemon juice to raw milk and mix well.
  2. Add rose water if you have a dry skin type.
  3. Apply on face and neck, and leave to dry for 15 minutes.
  4. Wash with lukewarm water if the skin is oily and with normal tap water if the skin is dry.

This forms an exceptional skin toning recipe that you must try. The end result is the skin free of freckles and cracks.

2. Moisturizer

This is not exactly a secret benefit of raw milk. Raw milk nourishes deeper skin layers and offers conditioning and moisturization from inside. It effectively treats the common problem of winter dryness too. You can look forward to use natural raw milk face masks to enjoy a well toned and moisturized skin for all seasons.

How To Make Moisturizing Raw Milk Face Mask?

  1. Add 2/3rd tsp of gram flour to raw milk and mix well.
  2. Add a few drops of raw honey and rose water to the mixture and beat well.
  3. Apply on the face and neck for 10 minutes.
  4. Wash off using lukewarm water.

This makes amazing raw milk moisturizing face mask. The end result is a well toned skin which is smooth and full of glow.

3. Skin Cleanser

It is so wonderful to realize that a little juggling between ingredients make a single product a good toner, moisturizer as well as a cleanser. Raw milk offers unmatched skin cleansing, as it deeply cleans the pores of excessive oil, sebum, dirt and even blackheads.

How To Make Cleansing Raw Milk Face Mask?

  1. Grind mung beans in a mixer and add raw milk.
  2. Beat well to form a paste.
  3. Apply the mixture on the face and leave for 10 minutes.
  4. Scrub before cleaning for 10 more minutes.

This face mask is one of the best ways to make an exfoliating skin cleanser.

4. Anti-Tanning Agent

Raw milk is an ultimate anti-tan agent. It can be used alongside tomato juice to make an amazing anti-tan face pack. This natural ingredient offers freedom from the complete body tan.

5. Fairness Agent

Raw milk tones the skin in a gentle way. It is an unbeaten fairness agent that keeps a check on the secretion of tyrosine in human skin. Tyrosine is the melanin controlling hormone that can lead to skin darkening. Raw milk application hampers the secretion of tyrosine. It also makes your skin clean of oil and dirt. Thus, it is a wonderful fairness agent that can be mixed with sandalwood to further enhance its fairness benefits.

6. Anti-Acne Agent

Yes, you got me right ladies! Raw milk is an acne fighting agent. It removes excess oil and also keeps a check on skin dryness. This naturally keeps acne under control. The skin is neither too oily nor too dry. Therefore, the issue of acne due to oiliness and dryness is resolved.

How To Make Anti-Acne Raw Milk Face Mask?

  1. Add 2/3rd tbsp fuller’s earth to raw milk and beat the mixture until it forms a thick paste.
  2. Add rose water to the same for dry skin.
  3. This recipe makes your personalized anti-acne face mask that offers freedom from long term acne too.

7. Anti-Ageing Agent

Oh yes! This amazing toner is also a natural foe to premature ageing. You can mix raw milk with mashed banana to make an effective anti-ageing face mask. It reduces the appearance of sun spots, fine lines, peeled skin and wrinkles. Wipe off the appearance of 5 years from your face with this ultimate age killing agent.

8. Adds Glow

Raw milk adds a never ending glow to the face when used with sugar particles. It improves the complexion and reverses the visible signs of dryness. Thus, your skin glows with regular use of this amazing face firming agent.

9. Adds Radiance

It is of no good to have a fair skin that is not radiant. Raw milk makes skin radiant by fighting away two biggest beauty constraints — dark spots and acne marks. Thus, it makes your skin lighter up to 3 shades and radiant.

How To Make Radiance Raw Milk Face Mask?

  1. Add a pinch of turmeric to raw milk and mix well.
  2. Add saffron powder to the mixture and beat well.
  3. You can add besan powder to the liquid mixture to make a thick paste.

This amazing recipe makes a revolutionary radiance face mask that offers a flawless complexion.

10. Natural Sunscreen

Raw milk is not just a tan reversing agent; it possibly protects the skin against sun damage too. Mix raw milk with curd and apply evenly on face 30 minutes before and after you step out in the sun. It makes an amazing protective sheath around your skin that keeps you safe from sun damage up to 4 hours.

These amazing skin benefits of raw milk are the safest ways of attaining a flawless youthful skin. Keep skin damage at bay with these recipes of raw milk face masks largely.

Which recipe of raw milk do you follow daily to make your skin fairer, toned and supple? Do not forget to share your thoughts with us.

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