Fitness Tips for Seniors

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The fact that you are no longer young and bursting with energy doesn’t mean you should feel depressed about it. You may not be as strong as in your prime, but you still have to think about your physical and mental health, perhaps more than ever. That’s why you should either continue or even start working on your fitness.

Yes, it’s quite possible to actually start exercising when you get to a certain age when most people believe the only exercise they need is a gentle stroll from the dining room to the kitchen and back. Nothing can be further from the truth. As long as you are realistic about your capability, there is no reason why you shouldn’t keep your body and mind fit at any age. So, what is it that seniors can do to improve their overall health?

Why exercising?

It’s a well-known and widely accepted fact that physical exercise provides benefits to our health. Apart from the obvious, physical ones, there is also a very important aspect of our psychological state. Old age inevitably reminds us of our mortality and we would certainly feel much more positive about our lives and ourselves if we managed to stay in shape.

That would also mean that our bodies would be readier to deal with any illnesses and other health issues that may come our way. If you don’t keep your body and mind in the best possible condition, you can’t expect them to be able to cope with health problems.

Consult an expert

Before you take up or continue any fitness programme, make sure you consult with your physician beforehand. You need to get medical clearance to exercise and advice on what kind of exercises you can do and how often. Also, you might want to talk to a fitness instructor as well, since they should be able to help you plan the right fitness programme.

Stay motivated

This is often a big problem even for the young. In theory, we are all aware how important staying fit is, but so many people simply don’t do much about it. Don’t let that happen to you. Give yourself a goal, such as being able to play catch with your grandchild or walk all the way to your favourite restaurant. It helps if you have other people your age working out. For example, those living in modern retirement homes at Mark Moran Vaucluse encourage each other to stay fit, both physically and mentally.

What options are available?

There are not as many restrictions as you might think. You can engage in cardio, strength training and flexibility exercises to stay healthy, but you need to follow your physician’s and fitness instructor’s tips. This is particularly important if you haven’t done much exercise before.

For example, if you want to enjoy the benefits of lifting weights, you don’t just grab the first set of weights you see. Instead, you should start with no weights or very light ones to practice the exercises and condition your body. Similarly, when it comes to cardio exercises, you may want to start with some easy ones, such as walking, and add a few minutes until you are able to move continuously for at least 30 minutes.

Always warm up

Long gone are the days when you were a kid who could engage in pretty much any physical activity without a proper warm-up. The older you get, the more attention you need to pay to warming up well before exercising in order to avoid injuries. Also, don’t forget to stretch after the workout.

There are many different ways in which seniors can enjoy the benefits of exercising. However, the exact type of workout and its frequency depend on your health. So, make sure you consult with your physician before making any changes to your exercising routine. If you do that and persist with your routine, you’ll be amazed to see how great you’ll feel.