Factors Causing Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown Toenail Clinics

Get Health AccessThe ingrown toenail is a medical conditional called onychogryphosis in which the nails grow into the flesh instead of growing over it.  This is usually noticed in the big toenail and the people with thick, curved nails are the most susceptible towards this disease. This can happen to anyone as a result of a sports injury or a poor fitting shoe or improper grooming of feet. 

Due to the pressure of the ingrowth of the nail edge into the skin of the toe, it breaks through the skin, produces inflammation and raises the probability of infections. At the starting stages, it will just act as a minor discomfort, but it has the full potential of progressing into an infection in the adjacent skin. 

The major cause of this problem is the imbalance between the size of the nail and the skin edges. The condition is intensified if there is no proper stress given to the trimming of the toenail. If you are wearing a shoe with an improper shoe fitting your toe are more prone to this problem. This condition, if not treated in time, can become very painful. 

Pain in the toes may arise because of any kind of abnormalities or injury. Since our toe is constantly exposed to injury by running, walking, and all sorts of other athletic activities, toe pain is a fairly common symptom.

The Causes For An Ingrown Toenail Are Numerous And Some Of Them Are Discussed Below:

  • Improper shoe gear: if your shoe has an improper fitting means if they are either very loose or too tight for your size, you are more prone to an ingrown toenail. 
  • Stop and start sports: athletic sports like tennis, soccer or basketball which include start and stop the motion of legs make you more prone to an ingrown toenail. 
  • Poor hygiene of the foot: Lack of proper hygiene and cleanliness of the toes and their nails is also a reason for this issue 
  • Congenital deformity of toe: a deformity in toe makes it very prone to an ingrown toenail. 
  • Obesity: it is also an important factor to take into consideration that an obese person has high risks of ingrown toenail as compared to a normal fit person. 
  • Heart, kidney and thyroid problems: medical conditions like these make the legs swell and more prone to an ingrown toenail. 

The warm and moist environment of the feet is the best medium for bacteria to breed and cause infections. Due to the breaks in the skin caused by the ingrowing toenail, bacteria and fungi can easily get inside and thus the treatment of these infections is very important to maintain essential health of the toe.

In the ingrown toenail clinic, the diagnosis is very straight forward and does not require any sort of lab involvement. Generally, there is just an incurvature of the nail or a spike of the nail which is pressing the skin leading to localized inflammation, redness and pus formation. 

Proper treatment in an ingrown toenail clinic is very important and it also requires the medical history of the patient along with all the possible causative factors. If you are even slightly unsure, you must reach out to the nearest ingrown toenail clinic and get your treatment done. Otherwise, the persistent toenail can have serious consequences. Sometimes, there is an elongated soft tissue at the nail fold that can bleed and drain pus. 

If you feel like the problem is even slightly severe, you must not rely on household remedies and without wasting any time, just visit the nearest ingrown toenail clinic in your locality. This will be the best step for the health of your toes.