Dugo Mo, Buhay Ko: Annual Bloodletting


By Jim Moriones, GetHealthAccess.com|

Many experts have said that bloodletting is best for you. You can search it through Google and for the list of benefits it can give you. They even cited a medical history shows that it is very effective and helpful to people. It does help one from getting very ill during the early times.

Eric Skaar, a scientist from the University of Chicago, have studied a particular bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, which causes serious infection in the blood, bones and lungs like pneumonia, and like any other bacteria is getting more tolerant to antibiotics. These kinds of bacteria strive in the iron of our blood. This means that less blood in our system is less chance of this bacterium to grow and multiply.

Reasons why we should do blood let and let’s pick a couple:

  1. It’s better for men ages 30 to 40 to do this, for it lessens the risk of getting a heart attack or to develop according to a study, and for those who have metabolic syndrome, this illness is seen frequently for those who are obese and hypertensive, helps you improve your health.

  2. It’s a noble thing if you donate blood to a blood bank or somebody who needs one, you can always be assured that more than you benefiting it, is extending one’s life or maybe saving it.

Last April 24 2015, UP-PGH Pediatric Hematology Oncology and United Neon held their annual “Dugo mo, Buhay ko”, bloodletting campaign held in 60 HPL Bldg. Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. San IS  in the whose donor’s blood will go to those indigent patients in Philippine General Hospital (PGH). A lot of employees registered and participated, some made it and some didn’t, but the mere act of having yourself checked is a good feel that you’ve tried sharing.

UN bloodletting

blood letting registration

UN employee happy

And let’s face it, it will not be easy for you if you have not experienced giving your own blood, you just have to look beyond that you’re helping someone out there.